What Is the Best Phone for Seniors in 2021?

In today’s article, we find out what the best phone for seniors will be in 2021. If you haven’t switched to a smartphone yet, or if you think it’s time to do so, we’ll help you find the best phone for seniors without breaking your budget!

In selecting our winners, we pay particular attention to user-friendliness. Large pictograms, clear images and texts and a robust design are also important to us. Finally, a good phone for seniors will have crystal clear sound and the volume can be adjusted if needed.

If you don’t want to read the whole article and just want to see our top picks, click on the image below to see our most recommended phone for seniors (affiliate link) :

Moto G9 performance


And as we said, we are here to help you by suggesting you the best smartphones for seniors in 2021. These phones will have a large screen so everything is easier to discover on it, they will have voice control options, they will do everything your old phone did and much more.

Plus, you get all the extra features for a lower price, because you don’t really need the latest iPhone model if you’re just switching smartphones or upgrading an older version. The phones we have selected for you below are sure to please!

Note to self: Our blog receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this article.

We also have a suggested Android phone app for the end of the article, and it should turn any of the smartphones listed below into an even better high school experience with just a few clicks. So many good things for you today!

With these words, let’s not waste a second and pick out below the best cheap smartphones for seniors and elderly for 2021 (from cheapest to most expensive at the time of writing this post).

BLU G91 – best budget


The BLU G91 is a 2021 model with a large screen and great battery life (up to 3 days on a charge). It’s our top choice for small budgets: affordable and really well made, perfect for seniors and beyond!

SSB phones are often on lists of cheap smartphones, and for good reason: They are good, reliable, durable and offer good performance at a really low price. The same goes for the BLU G81, which usually sells for well under $200 and has a huge 6.5-inch HD+ screen on which everything is more readable.

In terms of performance, the phone offers a lot for the money you spend on it, but you can’t expect it to compete with the flagship headsets on the market. But for video calls, web browsing or using instant messaging applications, you don’t need great performance, any more than you do for a regular mobile phone.

For the techies among us, the device has a 1.6 GHz octa-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, with an additional SD card slot if you need more storage.

It has a large 5000 mAh battery which is claimed to last 3 days. Depending on usage, it could be much shorter, but if you don’t play much, you should be able to get at least 2 days out of a single charge. Okay.

This model also has an improved camera configuration compared to previous models. This means you can take sharper, higher quality photos and videos, and get a better view when video chatting with your friends or family.

It has 4 backup cameras (including a macro camera for close-ups and a wide camera for capturing large areas), as well as a 16-megapixel selfie camera. Finally, a SSB phone with a decent camera!

The phone comes with a case for better protection and a screen protector. It is large and easy to use, with a high quality screen in HD+ resolution. The sound is good, but it’s not very impressive – but overall the picture quality is good, and you won’t really have anything to complain about.

As a senior phone, the BLU G91 is a good choice and offers everything you need for a small price. This model is non-locking and works with the major GSM stations (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile), but not CDMA stations (e.g. Verizon, Sprint, etc.).

Click here to check the price on Amazon.

Motorola Moto G9 Power – Editor’s Choice


After failing to make our list last year, Motorola has managed to surprise us again with the new Moto G9 Power. This is a beautiful, large phone that sells for a low price, making it ideal for seniors and the elderly. It’s great that it won the Editor’s Choice award this year!

It has a 6.8-inch screen – the largest on our list. A large screen is always the best choice – not only for the desktop and icons themselves, but also for watching movies, videos and general use.

The resolution is similar to the model above, so nothing special, but it is also water resistant, making it safer in case of spills.

In terms of actual performance, it is very similar to the previous model: 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage (expandable to 512GB with an SD card), but also the best battery: with 6000 mAh, you’ll get far on a single charge, and you won’t have to worry about charging it every day.

It also has a great camera system, which was not possible until recently. But as of this model, you get a four-camera setup on the back, including a 64-megapixel main camera and a 16-megapixel selfie camera. This means you can take professional quality photos and videos with your phone! No more blurry and poor quality photos from you!

Like its predecessor, this model works with most major GSM operators in the US (and worldwide), but not CDMA operators like Verizon or Sprint. However, this is a dual SIM model, which means you can use two SIM cards if you really need them.

Overall, this is a great phone for seniors that meets all the requirements: it looks great, has a great screen, is solid and offers high quality for a more than decent price. It’s definitely the perfect combination!

Click here to check the price on Amazon.



Although this brand is not very well known, you should not ignore it because Umidigi phones offer a lot for their low price.

This particular model is particularly impressive and almost won the Editor’s Choice award – but then we found the even nicer Moto G9 Power recommended above. Nevertheless, you should consider this model!

Not only do you get a big screen – 6.4 inches – with Full HD resolution and very good image quality, but you also get a very good camera setup, including a fantastic front-facing camera that gives you more screen real estate because there’s no notch at all.

It is a powerful phone with good features: The 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is more than other models, but it also has a decent processor that lets you run your operating system with ease. You will undoubtedly be very pleased with his performance!

In other words, this is a smartphone that can do everything from seamless video streaming to web browsing, video calling and more.

If you really want to brag about using a futuristic phone, know that it has a fingerprint sensor under the screen: So you can unlock it with your own fingerprint, just like in the movie. No need to remember passwords and pin codes!

It has a smaller battery, 4680 mAh, which is still enough for about two days of use. Although it has a fast charging option, we found charging to be a little slower than we would have liked: It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. Not much, but it could have been better!

Overall, this is an excellent phone that will not fail to surprise you. You should definitely think about it!

Click here to check the price on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S20


Finally we have a great Samsung phone to recommend. It may offer a little more than you normally need, but for seniors who really want a powerful phone, this is all you need!

First of all, we’re talking about a big phone with a 6.5-inch screen. The picture quality is absolutely stunning, with higher resolution and super smooth picture and video quality.

It runs on 4GB of RAM, has 128GB of storage and 5G capabilities, all paired with a very good processor, the modern Snapdragon 865. In other words: It is very fast and offers excellent image quality.

The real strength, however, is the camera setup. This phone has a professional quality camera and many features.

It has a three-camera setup on the back, but also an amazing 32-megapixel front camera for selfies. It has an incredible 30x spatial zoom that allows you to take very high quality photos from a distance, a very good night mode, and many AI photo controls that will make you a professional photographer.

As with the two Consolidators, the high price (which is mainly at the expense of the quality of the camera lenses, but also a bit of the brand) and the shorter battery life should be noted. At 4,500 mAh, it has the least powerful battery on our list. Nevertheless, you can use up to two full days on a single charge, so it’s not really a nightmare!

Note that you may not need them, since the focus is on cameras and quality images and video.

Unless you’re really interested in these features, it’s not worth paying extra for something you won’t use. All the other phones take good photos and videos, so you’re always covered. It’s for those who want to take it to the next level. Your choice – the phone is good either way!

Click here to check the price on Amazon.

How to make your phone more age-friendly

I remember when my mom switched to a smartphone, she was disoriented for a while. From the touch controls to the many options, everything seemed too much for her and she told me she wanted to go back to her old phone.

But after I insisted that she give it a second chance – and after a few weeks – she began to realize how useful a smartphone can be: from voice controls to large fonts to access to Facebook and Skype (we’re usually on the road, so now we only use Skype to see each other) and more, a smartphone is a great choice for seniors and elders who want to stay at home and stay in touch with friends and family.

As promised, I have a trick for you that will make using the above Android smartphones even easier for seniors. Some of the above – but not all – offer something similar, but you might want to try this app because it’s specifically designed for older people who need larger fonts and icons and a less cluttered screen.

I’m talking about the Simple Launcher app (which you can download by clicking here – it’s FREE), which makes some interesting improvements to the interface. The icons are enlarged, the interface is simple and intuitive, full screen notification, large SMS interface and much more.


It’s sort of a compromise between a traditional cell phone and a smartphone, and it’s perfect for getting you started if you find your new smartphone confusing or intimidating.


I know that switching to a smartphone or even upgrading from an older model can seem daunting at first, but just give it a chance and, like my mom, you’ll end up loving your new phone.

Remember, even though the younger generation seems to know all about it, we were just as ignorant as you were when you got your first one.

So don’t let disappointment get you down! Instead, take your time with your new smartphone, take your time with it, and you’ll see that it’s not that hard to use.

And if you like the list of best smartphones for seniors, feel free to share it with your friends : Maybe you are also looking for a cheap phone!

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