TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TRL-20

The selfie and video product is a great device for taking photos and videos. The TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light with TRL-20 Tripod comes with a Bluetooth remote trigger with phone mount and is perfect for zooming, TikTok, YouTube, streaming, makeup, photography, lectures and more. The device is well compatible with iOS and Android devices, so you never have to worry about connectivity and network issues.

TONOR 12″ self-contained ring light Specifications:

  • Size of the light ring: 12 inches
  • Color rendering index : 80-90
  • Luminous Flux: 500-800lm
  • Performance: 10W
  • Entrance: USB 5V-2A
  • Number of LEDs : 160
  • Lifetime: >20.000 hours
  • Extendable tripod height: 410-1350mm/16-53 inches
  • Remote battery: CR2032, 3V

TONOR 12″ ring light detached accessory:.

  • 12″ ring light with USB power supply*1
  • Adjustable metal tripod*1
  • Mountain phone holder*1
  • Bluetooth remote control*1
  • Guide/Handbook*1

TONOR 12″ self-contained ring lamp features:.

  • Dimmable ring light: The device has 3 color modes (cool, warm, natural) with 10 brightness levels. In addition, the color temperature can be set between 2700K and 6500K. The TRL-20 is ideal for Zoom conferences, YouTube, TikTok, makeup, photography and more.
  • Lifetime of 20.000 hours: Since the ring light is composed of a light panel and high-quality LED lamps, the average lifespan reaches 20,000 hours. It also features surge protection and electrostatic shielding, making it perfect for long life.
  • Soft and bright light: The kit consists of 160 high quality LED lights in a 12″ TRL-20 ring light, increasing brightness by over 30% compared to a 10″ ring light. TONOR products are surprisingly lightfast and have a soft, gentle glow that flatters the skin and prevents glare in the eyes.
  • Ease of use: Install the ring light and tripod mount effortlessly, then connect the power source. The Bluetooth remote shutter button is used for single and video recordings.
  • Improved tripod support : The TONOR 12 selfie stand has four extendable sections that allow you to adjust the height from 16 to 52. It is also made of a triangular structure and non-slip rubber, making it more stable and balanced. It has a wide base that can be freely adjusted to obtain the perfect angle for photographs.

Benefits of the TONOR 12″ self-service ring light:.

  • Ideal for streaming and content creation – The light emitted by the SB Ring device is perfect for streamers and content creators. It has a stand that makes taking videos super easy and convenient. Overall, the camera is ideal because it fits well on a desk and can also be extended to standing height for video recording.
  • Quality of construction: The device is very robust and has several options to adjust the tilt and height of the camera, as well as the rotation. The overall construction and design of the camera are very amazing and meet all your expectations for video and photo shooting. Best of all, you can adjust the position of the phone, including tilting it in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Ring light: Very easily adjustable brightness and heat with the included controller produces quite well, as you feel very bright and barely warm.

Completion –

The ideal product for creating traditional animations. The TONOR 12 selfie tripod is a highly customizable and versatile tripod with numerous joints and extension/bending/rotation options. The package is easy to install and provides users with great traditional animations. In short, the equipment is excellent and highly recommended for people who need a simple setup for quality lighting for photography and video.

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