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How much is Megyn’s net worth? Megyn Kelly, a top journalist worldwide and a TV host as well as political commentator has a net worth $55 million. Megyn Kelly was previously an anchor host and host on major cable news channels, Fox News and NBC News. Kelly left NBC after a brief stint that was fraught with controversy. She now focuses on her professional development through her social media channels, and her own production company.

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Megyn Kelly’s Diverse Income Stream

An Annual Television Salary.Megyn rose quickly in the ranks of Fox News and her annual salary reached $8 million. She regularly attracted between two and three million viewers per night to her shows. Fox offered her a $20 million per year contract, but she chose to quit the conservative network in search of a better deal.

NBC signed Megyn to a $69M contract for a 3-year term. This equated to an annual salary of $23 million. Kelly could not recreate the Fox News magic. After a year, her program “Megyn Today” received low ratings. It was cancelled due to a segment about blackface. Kelly split with NBC three months later and NBC paid $30 million of the remainder on their contract.

Author Megyn Kelly’s autobiography Speak for Me was published by HarperCollins in 2016. The manuscript was reportedly bought for $10 Million.

Social Media platforms: Kelly split from NBC and has been focusing on building her brand via multiple social media platforms, including YouTube or Instagram.

Kelly started her own podcasting company and her own production company: Kelly created a self-funded production company called “With Devil May Care Media” in October 2020. The company is aimed at creating audio content, free from political and corporate constraints.

Megyn Kelly House and Cars Collection Charitable Causes

Megyn and her three children live in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in an apartment with their husband.

Charitable CausesKelly received an award at Variety’s Power of Women Event 2016 for her work with Childhelp. This group works to stop child abuse. Kelly was elected to the Board of Kelly Gang Inc, a charity that has raised over $800,000. Since its founding in 2004, Kelly Gang Inc.

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Early Life

Megyn Marie Kelly, was born November 18, 1970 in Champaign (Illinois). Her mother is Italian German and her father, Italian. She has lived in New York ever since.

Kelly graduated from high school with a degree in political science. In 1995, Kelly received a Juris Doctor degree from Albany Law School. For nine years, she worked as an associate in a Chicago-based law firm.

Television Career

Kelly was a general assignment reporter at ABC in Washington D.C. when she moved there in 2003. Kelly’s talent as a lawyer reporter is undeniable. She covered major events both national and local, including the 2004 election.

In 2004, she was offered a position at Fox News, where she appeared on segments of O’Reilly Factor and Special Report With Brit Hume. Kelly received her own show, America Live in 2020. Kelly’s new show the Kelly Files was launched after she returned from maternity leave. It quickly became one of Fox’s most popular programs.

After she left Fox’s contract, Kelly was hired by NBC. She is a reporter, host on her show Megyn Kelly Now, as well as host of a Sunday evening program Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly. After a series of controversial comments she made regarding blackface, Kelly completed half her three-year contract.


Kelly received criticism for remarks made by her on Megyn Kelly Today in 2018 regarding the use of blackface to make Halloween costumes. Kelly recalled that she was just a child and that it was acceptable to dress up like a character. She also defended Luann De Lesseps using skin-darkening sprays in her portrayal of Diana Ross. She quickly sent an apology email to the company for her comments. Three days later, NBC canceled Megyn Kelly Today. Kelly was fired on January 11, 2019. NBC will continue to manage the rest of her contract.

Personal life

Kelly married Daniel Kendall for five years, an anesthesiologist (2011-2016). She married Douglas Brunt in 2008 and they had three children.

Kelly, who is politically independent, told Variety she has voted in both the Democratic or Republican parties.

Pop Culture

A movie about Kelly’s time at Fox News was made in 2019, even though she wasn’t consulted. Bombshell’sKelly was played by Charlize Thon. She co-stars with Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, and other well-known actors.

Quick facts about Megyn Kelley:

Net worth $55 Million
Date of birth November 18, 1970
Where was it born? Champaign, Illinois
Height 1.68m
Profession Journalist, news anchor, lawyer, political commentator
Nation American
Spouses “Daniel Kendall 2001-2006”

Douglas Brent (2008 – )”
Children 3



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