Should You Ever Buy a Graphics Card From eBay?

Want to buy the latest graphics card on the Internet? You’re in luck, because we’ve found the best place to buy graphics cards on Ebay. This blog post will teach you how to find the best card on the market, how to check the legitimacy of the seller, and how to maximize your chances of receiving a card that is in tip-top shape.

Most of us look to eBay for our technology needs. For you, it may be your latest gaming systems or your latest motherboard. But while eBay is a great place to find deals on name brand products, it can also be a cesspool for technology. One of the bigger problems on eBay is graphics cards. They are especially prone to scamming, as people look to sell their cards for more than they are worth, and then ask for your money back. Not only is that a bad idea, it can also be dangerous. So, is it ever okay to buy a graphics card from eBay?

**WARNING** The following blog post contains pictures of graphics cards from eBay that are not safe for work. Believe me, I’ve been tempted to put them up myself. If you’re in the market for a new, mid-range graphics card, perhaps you’ve seen these ads on eBay: “Great deal on a 2970 X2 — only $110.00! Free shipping!” or “Great deal on a GTX 780 Ti — only $300.00! Free shipping!” or “Great deal on a GTX 680 — only $200.00! Free shipping!” …… you get the point.. Read more about should i buy a used graphics card and let us know what you think.

Graphics cards play an important role in modern computers. They assist designers in creating eye-catching graphics and providing a better gaming experience. Graphics cards, on the other hand, may be pricey, but there are cheaper alternatives, such as eBay. Is there anything good on eBay for graphics cards?

If you select a reputable vendor with good rating, you should purchase a graphics card from eBay. You’re likely to locate a working replacement on eBay since contemporary graphics cards are quite robust. The majority of eBay sellers charge less than department stores.

This post will discuss if buying a graphics card on eBay is a good idea. I’ll also discuss the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing CPU components on eBay.

Should You Ever Buy a Graphics Card From eBay?

Is it a terrible idea to purchase a secondhand GPU?

Although there are many high-quality graphics cards on the market, many of them are prohibitively expensive. As a result, buying a used graphics card is a great deal for individuals looking for a low-cost alternative.

The most important feature of a graphics card is its efficiency, not its age. A powerful graphics card decides whether your gadget produces the desired output or experience.

Purchasing a secondhand GPU card may provide you with additional advantages that you were unaware of. Let’s take a look at two of them so you can weigh your choices more carefully before purchasing a new graphics card.

Graphics cards that have been used are better for the environment.

The obvious benefit of purchasing old GPUs is that you are minimizing trash. Across 20 to 50 million metric tons (50000000000000 kg) of electronics are wasted each year around the globe, including graphics cards and other components used in the building of a CPU. Buying a used card, on the other hand, comes with the following benefits:

  • E-waste should be minimized. If the card does not sell, it will very likely be thrown away. Your purchase, on the other hand, may be able to avoid this.
  • Make the most of the card’s abilities. Despite the fact that the card has been used, it is still in good condition.

When purchasing secondhand, the most recent graphics cards are less expensive.

Another good incentive to purchase an old graphics card is that following a mid-generation upgrade, you’ll receive a newer model. As a company improves an earlier edition of a card, the price of used copies, even those that are more recent, drops.

As a consequence, you may get the most current card for a much lower price.

Is buying graphics cards on eBay safe?

Buying a graphics card on eBay is completely secure since a good eBay seller will provide you with a detailed description of the card, including any faults, so you can make an educated choice.

You may also return a card for a full refund if it is faulty or you do not get the item you purchased.

The return process, on the other hand, may be aggravating, especially if the card is urgently needed for a CPU with no integrated graphics. As a consequence, I’ve included a brief guide to identifying trustworthy eBay sellers further in this article to assist you avoid being a victim of scam.

What should you expect to pay for a secondhand graphics card?

Because it allows you to save more money, you should spend at least 20% less than the market price.

Consider the retail pricing as well as the average price point from trustworthy merchants to find the sweet spot in the price. This method should provide you with a fair approximation of a used graphics card’s pricing range.

If a card is being sold for an extremely low price, it is very likely damaged or stolen, and you should not purchase it.

The advantages of purchasing a graphics card from eBay

The main benefit of buying your graphics card from eBay is that they provide a money-back guarantee. eBay guarantees complete reimbursement for all transactions, which implies that if a sale goes wrong for reasons beyond your control, you may get a refund.

There are, however, some extra benefits to purchasing a graphics card from a reputable shop.

You are free to ask the vendor as many questions as you like.


eBay allows buyers and sellers to communicate effortlessly. As a consequence, while looking for a graphics card, you may ask as many questions as you want to guarantee your purchase is completed to your satisfaction.

You should be aware that not all sellers will answer inquiries before you buy anything, which should make you think twice about doing so.

A Contact Seller link will show in the Seller Information section of the listing if the seller welcomes questions. To contact an eBay seller, follow the procedures below:

  1. Select the option to contact the seller.
  2. Choose the topic that most closely matches your question from the Find answers menu. Choose Other if none of the other options suit.
  3. Fill in the blanks with your question for the vendor.
  4. Select Send A Copy To My Email Address from the drop-down menu.
  5. Choose the option to send a message.

On auctioned goods, there are extra discounts.


You may save time and money by looking at eBay auctions that are about to end and have a small number of offers, since they are usually always the cheapest graphics cards available.

The major drawback is that you would be vying for a single graphics card with other customers. The methods listed below may help you win the auction:

  • Bid as the auction gets closer to the end.
  • Make a list of reminders for the graphics card you’re thinking about buying.
  • Get in touch with the seller. Occasionally, the seller may make you an offer in which you can purchase the item outright.
  • Consider bidding an amount that isn’t even. Because most individuals make even-dollar bids, a little pennies variation in your bid may make all the difference.
  • Use software to look for the graphics cards that go unnoticed. Lastminute Auction looks for eBay auctions that are set to end in the next hour and that you can take advantage of. Baycrazy’s Zero Bids feature, meanwhile, detects auctions that are set to end with no bids.

Their selection exceeds that of most department shops.

There are approximately 1.3 billion items on eBay, and 16.4 percent of them are in the Electronics category with a graphics card, indicating that the variety is vast and possibly better to what you’ll find at your local electronics shop.

Furthermore, individuals who are unable to find the GPU specs they need locally may benefit from buying on eBay.

A buyer’s guide to graphics cards

There are two main manufacturers to consider when buying for graphics cards: AMD and NVIDIA. Both firms provide high-performance graphics cards at various price points.

Intel, on the other hand, is working on a dedicated graphics card. You can wait for their debut if you’re a fan of the business.

When considering a purchase, consider the following considerations, regardless of the brand:

  • The capabilities of your CPU.
  • The amount of RAM required by your card.
  • Whether the graphics card will be used on a laptop or a desktop computer.

All of these variables influence whether or not the graphics card can be installed directly into your computer and get enough power. The following is a quick guide to help you make your decision. 

Rather of using an integrated graphics card, get a separate graphics card.

GPUs embedded inside the CPU are known as integrated graphics cards. The GPU and the CPU share the same machine memory. Because integrated graphics are powered by the CPU, they use less energy and produce less heat, resulting in longer battery life.

Simple activities, such as streaming, are acceptable for these cards. Integrated graphics, on the other hand, aren’t ideal for visually demanding tasks.

If you wish to use your PC for the following things, you should have a discrete graphics card:

  • Photography.
  • Video editing
  • Gaming with a high resolution.
  • Modeling in three dimensions.

It’s worth mentioning that a standalone graphics card need a strong CPU and cooling system to match. Furthermore, these cards need additional power, which means you may need to update your power supply.

If you need additional information, I go through whether a graphics card is needed or not for your particular scenario and requirements.

Take into account the resolution that will be required.

The pixel count at which a video card will operate a display is referred to as its resolution. The three most often used resolutions now are:

  • 1080p. The resolution of this picture is 1,920 by 1,080 pixels.
  • 1440p. The resolution of this picture is 2,560 by 1,440 pixels.
  • 4K. The resolution of this picture is 3,840 by 2,160 pixels.

In general, you should choose a card that matches your computer’s native resolution.

You should aim for the highest possible memory capacity.

Every second, the card does a tremendous number of computations while rendering images. Because the GPU is in charge of generating these outputs, it requires video RAM.

The more RAM a GPU has, the more information it can process in general. For daily use, a GPU with 2GB of RAM is more than enough, but gamers should aim for at least 4GB.

The amount of RAM needed for a graphics card is ultimately decided by the resolution you choose.

Where can I get a graphics card from a reputable eBay seller?

Scammers may take advantage of any available platform to scam people, and eBay is no exception. Both the buyer and the seller must have a high level of trust in eBay, but that trust may easily be exploited and misdirected. 

Although the company has put in place certain safeguards, you can do a lot to protect yourself as an eBay buyer looking for a graphics card.

Take into account the seller’s rating.


The seller’s total score appears in the box on the right side of the page whenever you browse an eBay product, and it includes the following information:

  • A star with a number that indicates the total number of reviews for the vendor.
  • A proportion of positive feedback for the vendor.

A yellow star appears next to a vendor’s profile on the product list if they earn at least ten positive review ratings from eBay. The stars change color as the vendor receives more positive feedback. There are a variety of colors to choose from:

  • 10 customer reviews in yellow.
  • 50 customer reviews in blue.
  • Turquoise has a total of 100 user reviews.
  • 500 customer reviews in purple.
  • 1,000 customer reviews are highlighted in red.
  • Green indicates that there have been 5,000 customer reviews.
  • 10,000 customer reviews (yellow shooting star).
  • 25,000 user reviews for the turquoise shooting star.
  • 50,000 customer reviews: purple shooting star
  • 100,000 customer reviews get a red shooting star.
  • 500,000 customer reviews get a green shooting star.
  • 1,000,000 customer reviews earns a silver shooting star.

A seller with at least one yellow star is dependable, and their services can be relied upon. If you can get a card from a seller who has more feedback, go for it.

Examine the feedback categories provided by the vendor.

There are four types of eBay seller ratings:

  • Time for delivery.
  • Fees for shipping.
  • Communication.
  • Item is just as stated.

Each of these kinds is given a star rating ranging from one to five. Check the seller’s performance in each category before purchasing your card.

In any of these categories, the majority of eBay’s top sellers get at least three stars. A vendor who sells for less than this amount may be a con artist or just a bad performance in that group.

Before making a purchase, read the reviews.

There is a feature on eBay that allows you to examine all of the reviews, which includes basic information about the seller’s review ratings.

The Recent Response Rating page lists the seller’s positive, neutral, and negative replies from the past year. For a trustworthy seller, many of these evaluations would be positive. It’s recommended not to purchase from a seller that has a large amount of bad reviews.

Please read some of the seller’s evaluations for more information on the vendor’s operations and how they handle their consumers.

When it comes to selecting a vendor, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Despite the fact that eBay is renowned for its discounts, a few transactions may raise warning flags. Malicious vendors create new accounts in order to offer highly expensive GPUs at huge discounts, which may or may not be genuine. If you come across an offer that seems too good to be true, it nearly usually is.

It would be great if you thought about how cheap goods aren’t necessarily a negative thing. However, this is often a reason to do more research on the seller.

Price isn’t always a consideration to consider; I’ll go over some additional things to think about when buying a graphics card.

It may be beneficial if you avoided vendors that rely on stock pictures.

Using a stock image is unnecessary and worrisome since eBay encourages sellers to submit their own pictures of the item for sale. If the seller uploads a stock photo instead of the real graphics card, there’s a chance they’re hiding something. In these instances, look at the seller’s remarks to see whether they’re genuine.

A vendor who does not offer goods from the same category is suspect.

You should pick a provider that is an expert in their area. While it’s tough to tell from an eBay profile, if they sell a variety of computer equipment, they’re most likely educated and not a fraudster.

By visiting the vendor’s feedback page and selecting View All to view all of the other items mentioned by this seller, you may see their other goods for sale. If a vendor offers a wide variety of gadgets for sale, he or she has a specialty and is more trustworthy.

Keep in mind, though, that having a wide variety of items for sale isn’t a negative thing. People often use eBay to sell unneeded things around the home, and if they have a surplus of random products for sale, it usually means they are inexperienced sellers who aren’t ready to offer the best quality.

Avoid the vendor if the graphics card you’re interested in is the only item they have for sale. A single costly item for sale is typically a big red sign, indicating that the seller is a con artist. 

Sellers that ask to finish deals outside of eBay should be avoided.

If a vendor asks you to leave eBay and buy your graphics card somewhere else, don’t buy it.

You forfeit your right to a refund once you leave eBay. Scammers try to divert traffic away from eBay, preventing consumers from claiming their money-back promise.

Furthermore, it is against eBay’s guidelines to ask consumers to complete a transaction outside of the site. If a vendor requests this of you, notify them to guarantee that no one is harmed.

Read the product descriptions thoroughly.

Failure to read the description is the demise of many customers. The majority of customers look at the product photos before placing a purchase. Several sellers, on the other hand, display photos of an item in excellent condition but describe the faults in the description.

This isn’t a fraud, but it is a dishonest method. Vendors that participate in this behavior should be avoided.

Finally, some ideas

Many people dislike purchasing used graphics cards because they don’t know what they’re going to get. On the other side, several people consider recycled parts cost-effective and environmentally friendly to improve their CPU build.

If you do your research, buying used items on eBay may be a safe and simple procedure. Byte Size Tech has created a video to help you purchase a high-quality graphics card on eBay: 


Whether you have the chance to test a graphics card before purchasing it, I suggest reading my previous post on how to verify if a graphics card is functioning correctly.

While a graphics card is a big investment, most people who get a new computer purchase a new graphics card for it, making a graphics card a fairly common item. There are a lot of websites that sell used or refurbished graphics cards but there are also a lot of problems with these transactions. Buying a graphics card on eBay can be a good way to find a good deal, but it is always a good idea to check the seller’s feedback and reputation.. Read more about buying graphics card on etsy and let us know what you think.

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