No duplicate warning when copy or move files and folders in Windows 10

This quick guide shows you how to re-enable the Conflict Warning when merging folders, so that Windows warns you when there is a duplicate folder or directory when copying or moving in Windows 10.

Failure to report duplicate folders when copying or moving Windows 10 files

In older versions of Windows, such as B. In Windows 7, when you copy or move a folder with the same name as the destination folder, a warning window – Confirm Folder Replacement – appears, asking you whether you want to merge or ignore the folder.

Starting with Windows 10, the warning for duplicate folders no longer appears by default when you insert a folder with the same name. Windows 10 automatically merges two folders with the same name without notifying you (if Hide folder conflicts remains selected).

For example, you have a folder called Videos. The Video folder contains the file Video01. In another folder, there is also a folder named Video, and in this folder there is a file named Video02. If you copy the first folder and paste it at the location of the second folder, Windows automatically merges the folders without warning if folder conflicts are disabled. At the end there will be a Video folder containing Video01 and Video02.

Some people who copy and move files often want to know if folders with the same name already exist in the destination folder, especially if they are copying or moving a large number of files and folders from one drive to another (especially if you are doing massive backups, etc.).

If you’re looking for another option that allows you to keep both files when identical files are in Windows 10 during the copy or move process, check out this guide: The Copy but keep both files option is missing in Windows 10.

Displaying a duplication warning conflict when merging folders in Windows 10

The confirmation warning for duplicate folder replacement is handled in Windows 10 by the Hide folder merge conflicts option. This option is enabled by default in Windows 10, so when you copy or move folders with the same name, they are automatically merged without warning or anything.

To tell Windows that a duplicate folder is detected when you create a copy, disable the option to hide conflicts when you merge folders. Here’s how.

In File Manager or on this PC, click the View button on the toolbar. Then click on Options and select Change folder and search options.

In the Folder Options window, under Advanced Settings, scroll down the list until you see the Hide conflicts when merging folders option. Disable this option to prevent Windows from hiding the folder merge warning when there is a conflict.

Click Apply and then OK to save your changes.

The next time you copy or move a folder with the same name, Windows displays a warning to confirm that the folder has been replaced and asks you whether you want to merge or ignore it.

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