Fixed: “Something went wrong” error when importing photos from iPhone

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Why can’t I import my photos to my computer? You may be looking for the answer to this question. In this article, you will read the reasons why importing photos does not work in Windows 10 and what to do if you cannot import photos from iPhone to Windows 10.

Sometimes you need to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer. In general, there are several ways to do this, for example B. iTunes, FonePaw, Windows Photos, Autoplay, etc. And the most direct way to import photos from your iPhone to Windows 10 is through the Photos app.

However, this method does not always work. You cannot import photos from iPhone to Windows 10. They usually contain the message:

  • There are no photos or videos found on this device.
  • Something went wrong. Your files may not have been imported.
  • There’s nothing to enter.

You might be wondering why my photos aren’t imported on my computer. The causes can be a broken USB cable, iPhone not relying on PC, incorrectly installed application component, damaged USB driver, changed file permissions in Pictures folder, photos stored in iCloud, etc.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to solve, and here we list some possible solutions.

What is the reason? Something went wrong. iPhone photo import error

  • Sometimes the connection between iPhone and Windows via the USB cable can also be lost or slightly damaged, which can literally cause a data transfer error. Therefore, make sure to use the original USB cable to transfer and synchronize data between iPhone and PC/laptop. If your iPhone’s zipper connector is loose, fix it first. If the USB port on your desktop/laptop is free, try another port. Also check the available memory on your computer and iPhone.
  • An outdated version of the system may cause equipment compatibility and data transfer problems. It is always recommended to update your version of the Windows operating system to take advantage of all the new features and improvements in the system.
  • A physically damaged or defective USB cable, or even a local/dual USB cable, may cause data transfer problems that can be easily resolved by using an original, working USB cable. If you don’t have one, buy the right product for your iPhone from an authorized Apple reseller.
  • HEIC images may also cause problems with the Microsoft Photos application, which currently appears to be incompatible. For example, in most cases, iPhone tries to convert imported HEIC images to JPG/JPEG format. However, due to the number of images selected or other reasons, some images are not ready to be imported.

Fixed iPhone photo import error Something went wrong.

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Having an unlocked iPhone

In most cases, this problem can be caused by the iPhone automatically switching to lock or sleep mode. Secondly, you may experience problems or interruptions when importing photos because Apple devices in this state do not allow data transfer between different platforms.

  1. To resolve this issue, make sure the iPhone is unlocked when connected to a Windows computer.
  2. You can do this by tapping the iPhone screen once to keep it unlocked during data transfer.
  3. Also, check from time to time if the iPhone goes into lock mode to avoid the error message Something went wrong.

Change photo settings for iPhone

Some users have reported that changing the iPhone’s photo settings from Automatic to Save Original solved this problem.

After fixing the problem themselves, users discovered that when the memory of the car and iPhone is full or almost full, the photos are stored in a jpg folder, which causes problems when transferring the photos.

Fortunately, this problem no longer occurs if you change the setting to save the originals. Learn how to update the photo settings on your iPhone:

  1. Go to the iPhone Settings application.
  2. Now select the photos.
  3. Then select Save Originals under Transfer to Mac or PC.

Now try to import iPhone photos to Windows PC again to see if the Something went wrong iPhone photo import error is fixed. We hope this has solved the problem for you, as it has for most users, but if not, we have a few other methods to suggest.

Give the image file a full check

One simple thing you can check is that the image folder has the correct permissions. In some cases, this will result in an error. It is therefore important to check the permissions on your Windows machine.

Here you can learn how to check permissions:

  1. Press the Windows and E keys on the keyboard simultaneously.
  2. Now right click on the Pictures folder and select Properties.
  3. Then click the Security tab and click Edit.
  4. Then select your username under Group or Username.
  5. Then make sure the permission is enabled under All Permissions.
  6. If full access is already enabled, disable and re-enable it.

This is how you control certain approvals:

  1. Press the Windows and E keys on the keyboard simultaneously.
  2. Now right click on the Pictures folder and select Properties.
  3. Then click on the Security tab and the Advanced button.
  4. Then click on the Add button. You should now be redirected to another window.
  5. Press the Select base key.
  6. Then under Enter the name of the selected object (examples), enter Everyone, select Check names, and click OK.
  7. Finally, under Basic Permissions, select Full Access and click OK.

After that, check for problems. Hopefully, after changing the permissions in the Images folder, this problem will not occur again.

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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Why do I get an error message when importing photos from my iPhone?

A defective USB cable may cause a problem with file transferring. Make sure that the USB cable of your iPhone is not damaged. Also, don’t forget to use the official Apple file transfer cable. If you use a third-party USB cable to transfer files from your phone to your computer, an error may occur.

Why are my photos not importing to my iPhone computer?

Connect your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC using a different USB port. If you cannot transfer photos from your iPhone to Windows 10, the problem may be with the USB port. … If you cannot transfer files using a USB 3.0 port, connect the device to a USB 2.0 port and see if that solves the problem.

How can I accidentally transfer photos from iPhone to laptop?

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