Famitsu Opens the ‘Book’ to Cygames’ 10th Anniversary Survey Data

There are many ways to celebrate a 10th anniversary. Cygames is known for making unique moves, and the Japanese mobile game company is trying something pretty unique for its big milestone: the company is releasing the results of a 10th anniversary survey, which polled more than 2000 people. The company hopes to use the data to gauge what its players want out of its future titles.

Cygames has just released the latest data from their 10th Anniversary Survey, and it’s a doozy: after conducting a poll that collected over 10,000 responses, they’ve revealed the answers to some of the biggest questions out there. But lest you think this is just one giant spoiler, let me clarify: the biggest answers they’ve released are all about the games themselves, and not the more mysterious questions like “What is your favorite color?” and “What’s your favorite anime?” Mind you, those are still on their list, but we don’t get to see the numbers attached until they release their Top 100 Favorite Anime ranking in a few weeks.

As a part its 10th Anniversary Celebrations, Cygames conducted a survey of its fans to find out more about what they love and what they want to see more of in the future. The results are in Famitsu’s latest issue, which you can find here . Based on the data collected Famitsu compiled some infographics to highlight some of the key findings.. Read more about granblue fantasy worth playing 2020 and let us know what you think.To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Cygames is presenting a compilation book, which will be released on the 27th as a special issue of Famitsu magazine. May 2021 is published and written. Of course the collection also tells a lot about the company from the beginning until now. But what’s even more remarkable is that Famitsu also discloses survey data and publishes tantalizing information about fans.

Part 01: User demographic data

This data provides information about the types of users of Cygames’ most popular games. The data itself was extracted in April 2021, using at least 1,401 votes from this survey. Clearly the majority of users are male, although there is a curious concentration (in terms of popular cygames) of at least 15% who are probably teenage students. word-image-3847 Gender of user : Age group:

  • 16.1% – Less than 20
  • 41.0% – 20’s
  • 31.7% – 30’s
  • 9.0% – 40’s
  • 2.2% – 50 years and older

part 02: Searches by question

Sandalfon, long time winner in various popularity polls for characters from Granblue Fantasy and Cygames, even now. word-image-3848 These are specific questions that are answered (through multiple choice questions) by the same users. In the original article, at least fifteen (15) of them are mentioned, mostly referring to some of the company’s published games that they ended up liking and playing.

Q1. How did you hear about Cygames? (as a company)

Somehow I saw on Twitter and live that he finished 9th.

1-й 338 votes I played a lot of Granblue Fantasy …..
2-й 184 votes I saw a commercial on TV (about the company).
3-й 135 votes I played a lot of Shadowverse….. played.
4-й 85 votes I used to play Shingeki, but Bahamut….
5-й 69 votes A relative or friend introduced me
6-й 60 votes I saw ads on the street or in a magazine/website.
7-й 52 votes I have Princess Connect! Re : Lots of diving…
8-й 23 votes I get an invitation to the game.
9-й 21 votes I saw on Twitter
9-й 21 votes I saw some kind of live stream/broadcast about it.

Q2. What is the first Cygames game that you played?

It’s a pretty simple question. Also includes games that are no longer maintained/supported by Cygames.

1-й 592 votes Granblue Fantasy
2-й 237 votes Shadowverse
3-й 181 votes Shingeki no Bahamut
4-й 104 votes Princess Connect! Re : Diving
5-й 103 votes Other
6-й 56 votes Umamusume Beautiful Derby
7-й 46 votes Princess Connect!
8-й 20 votes Puzzle of the War of the Three Kingdoms
9-й 11 votes Little Noah.
Tenth 7 votes Granblue Fantasy Versus

Q3. How long have you been doing/playing cygames (titles)?

How long have you been a fan of their games, anyway?

  • Less than one year – 6.1
  • One to two years – 7.6
  • Two to four years – 28.3
  • Four to six years – 31.1
  • Six to eight years – 15.1
  • More than eight years – 11.8

Q4. How many cygames have you played in total? (so far)

The number of games in which survey respondents participated confirms the previous question.

  • Name only – 10.8
  • Two or three articles – 38.4
  • Four to five items – 33.2
  • Six to seven items – 11.5
  • Eight to nine items – 2.9
  • More than 10 items – 3.2

Q5. Which Cygames game are you currently playing?

Well, yes. Umamusume is clearly the hottest thing right now.

1-й 871 votes Umamusume Beautiful Derby
2-й 861 votes Granblue Fantasy
3-й 618 votes Princess Connect! Re : Diving
4-й 343 votes Shadowverse
5-й 249 votes Granblue Fantasy Versus
6-й 159 votes Other
7-й 151 votes Shingeki no Bahamut

Q6. How long do you play Cygames for in a day?

Yes, the results are pretty typical of any popular mobile game these days.

  • Less than 30 minutes – 3.6
  • 30 minutes to an hour – 13.6%.
  • One to two hours – 27.8
  • More than two hours – 55

Q7. Which cygames do you prefer?

The data also includes several comments from voters about each of the names listed.

1 : Granblue Fantasy (552 votes)
  • Every year it attracts me more and more.
  • Consistent works of art, so that design decisions cannot be guided solely by the preferences of the artist.
  • Every year it gets easier for newcomers to play. Fast forward. I’ve been hooked ever since.
  • It’s probably an integral part of my life at this point.
#2: Umamusume Pretty Derby (345 votes)
  • I got hooked on the cartoon series and have loved it ever since.
  • The show scenes are very well done.
  • Filled with lots of real historical references. You can feel the dedication.
#3: Princess Connect! Re: immersion (165 votes)
  • Cute characters everywhere.
  • Protag is cute too. You can feel the maternal instinct of the users and the characters.
  • It can be played casually and doesn’t take much time.
#4: Shadowverse (117 votes)
  • The game creation is one of the best among all existing mobile card games.
  • I love his story.
#5 : Shingeki no Bahamut (41 votes)
  • Cygames Historical Core. It is both the foundation and the culmination
  • Nine whole years of history for nothing!
Other noteworthy remarks
  • The pixel art of World Pinball is so cute!
  • Three Kingdoms Puzzle War is similar to other games based on Three Kingdoms in terms of the number of scenes and characters.
  • Kindai Mahjong All-Stars Touhaiden was a dream for me because I love manga about mahjong.

Q8. Which Cygames game can you personally recommend?

A common theme is the overall robust design of these games, which have a high entertainment value.

1 : Umamusume Pretty Derby (739 votes)
  • appreciated by old-timers and otaku alike!
  • It’s also a fun anime.
  • Very interesting to play, even without prior knowledge of horse racing.
#2: Granblue Fantasy (568 votes)
  • The characters, the music, and the battles really keep you on your toes.
  • So many other players ready to help you.
#3: Princess Connect! Re: immersion (417 votes)
  • Short and fun missions, the best multiplayer to enjoy the anime scenes.
#4: Shadowverse (226 votes)
  • It’s a real card game, but only online.
#5 : Granblue Fantasy Versus
  • Corrected my aversion to fighting games, definitely recommended for non-specialists.

Q9. Who is your favorite Cygames character?

A general survey usually conducted annually. This year, too, some works have retained their place in the top 10. In this poll, Sandalphon from Granblue Fantasy is in 7th place. For the first time this year, we’ll be on top.

1-й 60 votes Sandalphon (Granblue Fantasy)
2-й 39 votes Tokai Teio (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
3-й 37 votes Rice shower (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
4-й 35 votes Narmaya (Granblue Fantasy)
5-й 31 votes Belial (Granblue Fantasy)
6-й 29 votes Djeeta (Granblue Fantasy)
7-й 26 votes Pecorine! (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)
8-й 25 votes Kyaru! (Princess Connect! Re: Immersion)
9-й 20 votes Agnes Tachyon (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
9-й 20 votes Granblue Fantasy Versus

Q10. Which Cygames character would you like to work with next?

Oddly enough, the queen of golden boats tops the list.

1-й 189 votes The Golden Boat (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
2-й 46 votes Djeeta (Granblue Fantasy)
3-й 32 votes Sandalphon (Granblue Fantasy)
4-й 25 votes Gran (Granblue Fantasy)
5-й 20 votes Pecorine! (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)
6-й 19 votes Tokai Teio (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
7-й 18 votes Special week (Umamusume Beautiful Derby)
8-й 17 votes Wirn (Granblue Fantasy)
9-й 14 votes Kyaru! (Princess Connect! Re: Immersion)
Tenth 13 votes Noah. (Little Noah)

Q11. Which Cygames-based anime did you enjoy the most?

Honestly, there aren’t many choices, but at least the top three are in the top three:

1 : Umamusum Beautiful Derby (466 votes)
  • Good gender balance
  • Strongly rooted in real history
#2: Princess Connect! Re: immersion (568 votes)
  • An unpretentious slice of science fiction life laced with serious elements.
  • It’s like looking at a franchise from a different perspective.
#3: Zombieland Saga (121 votes)
  • Strange, but generally fun.
  • A good breeding ground for memes.

Q12. Which manga titles did you like in the Saicomi application?

This is a separate branch of the company that publishes manga.

1-й 87 votes Cinderella’s daughter after 20 years
2-й 86 votes Idol Master Cinderella Girl U149
3-й 53 votes The Zombieland Saga
4. 39 votes Seton Academy: Join the group!
5-й 33 votes Ashita, Watashi wa Dare-ka no Kanojo
6-й 30 votes Isekai Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to
6-й 30 votes Ima Doki no Wakai Mon wa
8-й 25 votes Tsuyoshi: Dare mo Katenai, Aitsu ni wa
9. 14 votes Hina: Nezukerareta Koyaku-tachi
Tenth 12 votes Isekai Shacho: Mao-goon of Nariagaru!

Q13. Have you participated in any offline (live) cygame events?

Covers Fes events related to specific games, but these are mostly live CygamesFes events. Not surprisingly, most of them have never participated in any of these events.

  • No – 68.6
  • One-off – 12.5
  • Two or three times – 12.1
  • More than four times – 7.0

Q14. What did you find exciting about these live events?

Answers range from the religiosity of a pilgrimage to more mundane questions: I just love the bleachers.

  • Stage activities related to staff and actors (410 votes)
  • Product stalls, goods for sale (260 votes)
  • Other (117 votes)
  • Realistic recreation (game environments, objects, etc.) (85 votes)
  • Themes and attractions (64 votes)
  • Food cooperation (64 votes)

Q15. What games would you like to see developed and published in the future?

In the end, RPG won by a wide margin.

1-й 331 votes RPG
2-й 172 votes Sims
3-й 170 votes Action
4-й 124 votes Music
5-й 119 votes Other
6-й 54 votes Visual novels
6-й 50 votes Puzzle
8-й 41 votes Shooter
9-й 27 votes Sport
Tenth 17 votes Race

Source:In honor of its 10th anniversary, the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu published a special feature that reveals the results of its readers’ “favorite” game of all time, as well as a variety of other juicy tidbits from a “My 10 Favorite Games” survey that was conducted earlier this year.. Read more about gbf popularity poll and let us know what you think.

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