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How much is Bill Ackman worth?

William Albert Ackman, born May 11, 1966 is an American investor. He manages a hedge fund and has a net worth in excess of $2 billion. Pershing Square Capital Management was a hedge fund manager company that he started with $54 million from his own money. Ackman is a contrarian investor, but he considers himself an activist investor.

Ackman gained fame in March 2020 when his hedge fund deposited $2.6bn (PS2.2bn), for his bet that the market would crash because of the coronavirus epidemic. Learn more about Ackman’s career and whereabouts, as well as his stocks greatest successes and failures. You can also see the net worths of Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg, two other legendary businessmen.

Bill Ackman Net Worth speaks at The New York Times DealBook Conference at Jazz at Lincoln Center on November 10, 2016 in New York City.

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Bill Ackman Net Worth 2022 @ $2 Billion

Bill Ackman’s Net Worth and Earnings

Pershing Square, a hedge fund that charges a management fee and performance fee, makes its money. These fees vary by fund but typically they charge between 2% to 20% of the assets under management. Pershing Square has almost $9 billion of assets as of 2022.

Ackman is paid an annual salary to manage assets worth $9 billion. Below is a brief history of the income Bill Ackman earned over the years.

Career Earning Highlights
Oct. 2018 Sale of an Asset William Ackman’s Profit from the Selling of a Share in Nike $100,000,000
March 2017: Asset Sale 2017

Valeant shares worth 27.2 Million to Jefferies sold at a price of $22 million
Earnings March 2016

Pershing Square Investment Team, William Ackman’s Earnings
Nov. 2014

Pershing Square Capital Management’s or his hedge-fund’s 28.9 Million shares in Allergan at a discounted price
Salary may. 2014

Salary as founder/CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, New York
Aug. 2013

Ackman received a payment from Citigroup for liquidation of 39.1million shares

William Ackman’s Philanthropy

It’s not surprising that Bill Ackman is generous, given his net worth of over a billion dollars. In 2006, he and Karen Ann Herskovitz founded Pershing Square Foundation to promote innovation in the areas of economic development, education and healthcare. The foundation has given more than $400,000,000 since its inception. The couple was honored by The Chronicle of Philanthropy with a “Philanthropy 50” award in 2011.

Ackman has been a donor of the Democratic Party for many years, such as Richard Blumenthal and Chuck Schumer. Robert Menendez is also a supporter of the Democratic National Committee.


His massive real estate empire:

William Ackman has a long history of large investments in real estate. It is not surprising then that he owns a portfolio of luxurious homes. His real estate deals focus on New York City, one of the most costly cities in the globe. These are only a few of the assets Ackman has acquired in the past. They make up Ackman’s net worth.

These are some examples of homes that he’s purchased to add to his collection:

2018 – $22.5 Million – A 13-room Penthouse located on the Upper West Side of New York

2017 – $22.078 Million – Ackman purchased two units at the Beresford on the 8th Floor to be near his children, who share the building with his ex-wife.

2016 – Bill Ackman purchases Bridgehampton’s second property for $23.5 Million

2015, $91.5 Million – This 13,500 square-foot One57 penthouse was the second-most expensive condominium sale. Ackman was not planning to live in “the Winter Garden”, although it was considered a fun investment.

2012 – Bridgehampton Estate, Eight Bedrooms, $22 Million – Six Acres.

2004 – $3.3 Million – Another $1.5 million was spent by an active investor to renovate the Chatham property of 100 acres. In 2005, he put the property back on the market for $5million but was forced to lower the price to $3.9million.

Source: Relevance International


It makes perfect sense for Bill Ackman to fly well because he is so wealthy. Ackman purchased a Gulfstream G550 in 2003 for $32-$49 Million. This does not include an annual fixed cost $5 million.

Bill Ackman's private jet. Source: JetNet

Private jet of Bill Ackman. JetNet


Education Early Life and Education

Ackman, the son Ronnie I., was born in Chappaqua. Lawrence David Ackman (chairman of the New York-based real estate finance firm Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group) was married to Mary Posner. Ashkenazi Jewish, he is.

He received his bachelor of arts magna cum honore in 1988 from the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies at Harvard College. He wrote his thesis on “Scaling Harvard Admissions: The Jewish and Asian American Experiences in Harvard Admissions.” Harvard Business School awarded him an MBA in 1992.


Ackman and fellow Harvard graduate David P. Berkowitz founded Gotham Partners in 1992. The firm was able to acquire assets worth $500 million by 1998. However, Gotham was involved in litigation with several outside shareholders.

Ackman founded Pershing Square Capital Management with his personal money and Leucadia National as his business partner. Ackman, Pershing, who are known for their activist approach to investing, would campaign against Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

Pershing Square Holdings Capital Management Highlights & Lowlights


Coronavirus Market Bet Pershing transforms a small $26 million in profits betting against the market because of the coronavirus epidemic by credit protection on high-yield and investment-grade bond indexes.

Wendy’s Company – This was Ackman’s initial success. He took an enormous stake in Wendy’s and later sold it for a huge profit.

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd.After purchasing a 14.2% share, Pershing restructures the business strategy of the company and replaces its CEO. Its stock price rises from $49 to $220 after three years.


Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. After Valeant’s shady business strategies and questionable pricing, his hedge fund andAckman suffer a huge $3 billion loss.

Herbalife Ltd. Bill Ackman launched an activist crusade that led him to a fight against Herbalife. Pershing Square Capital bought a $1 billion position in the nutritional supplement company. This was to denounce Herbalife’s pyramid scheme. Carl Icahn (billionaire) was his arch-nemesis and eventually bought 26% of the company.

Herbalife stock rose 51% in November. Pershing Square, owned by Ackman, had to abandon the sinking ship. He disposed of all his stock, and cut his losses. Pershing Square is believed to have lost nearly $1 billion from the investment.

Ackman’s expensive divorce

His 2016 divorce from his 25-year-old wife may have resulted in a 9-figure loss. Although no details are available, it is possible to assume that Bill Ackman lost a lot of his net worth.

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