Best Mid-range Gaming Monitor (Best Value Per Dollar)

When building a computer for your gaming needs, you want to get the best bang for your buck. There are a lot of different factors you will want to consider to get the monitor you need. For example, is it for productivity, entertainment, or both? Do you like the design? And how much do you want to spend?

There’s no better way to relax than with a good movie, an immersive video game, or an informative video. However, these can be a lot of work to find, find, and download. In that spirit, we bring you a list of the best cheap gaming monitors on the market, so you can get into that delicious gaming action and not have to worry about your hardware.

There was a time when just getting a decent monitor was an objective in itself, but as the years have gone by the technology has improved, and so has the monitor. This has led to the prices of entry-level gaming monitors like the ASUS VG248QE decreasing, which makes them a great option for those looking for a high-performance display with high-quality visuals at a cheap price.. Read more about best budget gaming monitor philippines and let us know what you think.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we’ve spent a lot of time in front of the television. In this case, you would be doing yourself a favor by purchasing a monitor that would serve you well in the long term, such as a decent mid-range gaming monitor that will provide you the most functionality for your money.

Computer monitors can now be used for a variety of tasks, such as submitting last-minute project proposals and assignments to your boss, unwinding after a long day with your favorite video game, or even just for general purposes like school and academics, online shopping, or having a virtual movie night with your friends.

Certain characteristics, such as the monitor’s screen size, resolution, and color gamut, should be kept in mind depending on the primary usage.

With a well-known brand like LG, customers know that anything they purchase – whether it’s a TV, household appliances, smartphones, or, in this instance, a computer monitor – will be of excellent quality. The LG 27GN950-B monitor comes with a long list of impressive features and lives up to its well-deserved reputation.

The LG 27GN950-B is a monitor that stands out in the best possible manner. It is the greatest value monitor on the market for the price, and the bundled features exceed expectations. This monitor, being one of LG’s first 4K gaming models, has a broad range of features that you will find to be more than enough.

27GN950-B LG 27GN950-B LG 27GN950-B LG 27 (27 Inch)

Best Mid-range Gaming Monitor (Best Value Per Dollar)

Specifications for the LG 27GN950-B

Here’s a brief rundown of the LG 27GN950-B’s features.

Description of the product  
Brand LG
Weight 16.9 lbs
Series UltraGear
Dimensions The dimensions are 23.9 x 11.5 x 18.1 inches.
Color Black
Rate of Refreshment 144Hz
Resolution 4K
Display LED


LG 27GN950-B Specifications

LG 27GN950-B has excellent characteristics that every great monitor should have, from value and affordability to superb color resolution. Here are some of the top LG 27GN950-B features that will make your purchase worthwhile.


This is the monitor you need to know about if you’re a gamer looking for a device with all the bells and whistles but won’t break the budget. The LG 27GN950-B monitor lives up to the high standards set by LG’s other products, and you can be certain that you’re receiving high-quality features and specifications at a reasonable price.

The LG 27GN950-B, as the finest value monitor on the market, is ideal for gamers, offering an immersive, almost otherworldly experience that delivers above and above for the price. When you use it, gaming will take on a whole new meaning, particularly when you consider the excellent quality you got for such a low price.

The LG 27GN950-B is the finest value monitor on the market, with all of these features and more. The LG 27GN950-B monitor was just $1,099 on Amazon at the time of writing.


If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that 4K is sweeping over the world of technology and games. Its popularity has grown, if not skyrocketed, in recent years, with no indications of abating or slowing down any time soon. Producers of both televisions and monitors are constantly releasing new, high-resolution versions of well-known models.

This raises the issue of why you can’t utilize a monitor as a TV and vice versa. While many individuals do set up their systems in this manner, there is a significant distinction between the two.

A gaming monitor is designed and constructed with the idea that the user would be just a few feet away from the screen, while a TV is intended to appeal to a much larger audience. Unfortunately, this implies that depending on the size of the screen, even a 1440p picture may display pixels. When you use a 4K (3840 x 2160) gaming monitor, you can be certain that your pictures will be as crisp as possible.

Some people, especially those who are new to gaming, may be frightened by such a high-resolution display, especially if their computer is unable to run current games in 4K. Fortunately, LG took care of it, so your older brother’s used computer won’t have to.

Synchronization that adapts

NVIDIA G-Sync, an adaptive sync technology, is one of the monitor’s features, which means you can play your favorite games without worrying about jagged edges or blurry pictures. Nobody likes to look at pixels.

Rate of refresh

If you have a gaming PC, you already know how important it is to have a display with a 60Hz refresh rate and a reaction time of less than 5ms – at the very least. The LG 27GN950-B, fortunately, offers a 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time, as well as HDR and FreeSync Premium via Display Port. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, let us explain.

If your monitor’s refresh rate is less than 60Hz, the chances of your display matching what’s going on on your computer are slim – it may be off by intervals that don’t seem worth noting. Even a little amount of time may be crucial in fast-paced or precision-based games.

The reaction time of a monitor is measured in milliseconds and refers to how quickly pixels shift from one shade of grey to another (you might know this as GTG, or grey-to-grey). Furthermore, since the LG 27GN250-B supports HDR and FreeSync Premium through Display Port, it supports Low Framerate Compensation for speeds below 48 Hz.

Other characteristics

Two HDMI ports and a USB 3.0 upstream port, as well as two USB 3.0 downstream ports, are additional notable characteristics. There’s also a headphone port, which opens up a world of possibilities for connecting consoles, audio devices, multiple displays, and more. VESA Display Stream Compression (DSC) is also included in the LG 27GN950-B, which converts 4K pictures in 10-bit at 144Hz over a single DisplayPort connection.

All of this adds up to a compelling incentive to get your LG 27GB950-B right now!

Pros and Cons of the LG 27GN950-B

The LG 27GN950-B, as the finest value monitor, offers a slew of features that will please any gamer or designer. However, depending on your requirements and tastes, there are a few additional things to consider to make sure this is the greatest match for you. Here’s a summary of the LG 27GN950-B’s advantages and disadvantages to help you make an educated choice.


  • Excellent value for a high-quality product.
  • The refresh rate is 144Hz.
  • The picture quality is crystalline in 4K UHD 2160p resolution.
  • HDR is fantastic.
  • Nano IPS 4K display with 1ms response time.
  • Bezel is thin and unbranded.
  • Response time is instantaneous, and input latency is minimal.
  • Color gamut is broad.
  • Compatible with G-Sync.
  • Horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178 degrees.
  • Easy-to-set-up adjustable stand (tilt 5-15 degrees, 110mm height, and pivot).
  • For a truly immersive gaming experience, the display is designed with four sides that are nearly borderless.


  • While the color gamut is broad and realistic, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the dark tones produced by the IPS Panel.
  • There is no built-in speaker.
  • Some customers dislike the fact that the monitor does not wake up from deep sleep immediately.

We’d also like to point out that, although it’s not technically a disadvantage, your graphics card is something to keep an eye on. Check the specifications of your existing graphics card to get the most out of the LG 27GN950-B.

This is due to LG’s usage of Display Stream Compression, which enables many of those pixels to be sent over a single wire, resulting in a crystal clear, immersive gaming experience every time. It’s recommended to acquire a graphics card that supports DisplayPort 1.4 if you want to have the greatest gaming experience with this display.


The LG 27GN950-B is one of the finest displays for serious gamers and live-streamers out of all the monitors on the market today. With a stunning 27-inch crystalline screen, minimal input latency, and broad viewing angles, this monitor will provide an immersive gaming experience that will have you coming back for more.

Aside from all of the amazing specifications and features, one of the most important considerations is the pricing. There are a lot of gaming monitors on the market with excellent features, but the LG 27GN950-B offers them all while not breaking the bank.

The LG 27GN950-B monitor provides gamers with a high-quality user experience that will pay off in the long run if you want that next-level gaming experience without spending a lot of money.

A greatest hits of the best Gaming Monitors ever made.. Read more about best budget 4k gaming monitor 2020 and let us know what you think.

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