And because of that and its other features, we think it’s one of the best chess sets for Windows 10, Windows 8.

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2. Field chess 32

Whole-Place Chess 32 is a minimalist and simple chess simulation for players who want the simplest possible experience.

And this game is as simple as it gets. This allows you to concentrate on your tactics without any possible distractions.

But because the game is light in its design, it is also light in its functionality. Because he has almost nothing. Once the application is launched, you start a chess game against the computer.

You can’t change anything, you can’t play against another player. So choose this game only if you want to play a quick game of chess in your spare time.

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3. 3D Chess

Chess 3D is another well-designed 3D chess simulation. It’s very similar to 3D chess, but the pieces and board are designed a little differently.

In terms of functionality, these applications are virtually identical. Chess 3D also allows you to play against a computer or another player or to visualize a computer simulation of the turn.

But what sets Chess 3D apart from other applications is its price. So if you really like this game, you can buy it.

But if you don’t want to spend a penny on a chess simulation application for Windows, you’ll probably find it elsewhere.

With these apps at your disposal, you can both play chess and learn the wonderful game that it is.

You’ll have opponents to match, and when you’re done practicing your skills, you can beat anyone with chess.

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4. 3D Chess set

3D Chess Game is probably the best 3D chess simulation you can find in the Windows Store. Of course, it doesn’t offer advanced gameplay or graphics by today’s standards.

But if you compare it to other games, 3D Chess definitely stands out for its design.

This application is also very functional. You can play against the computer or against another player. But it also allows you to do AI vs AI simulations and get some exercise.

Another great feature of this app is the touch support, making the 3D chess game perfect for your Windows tablet.

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5. ValilChess

As far as chess applications go, ValilChess is as simple as possible. No menus, no settings, just open the application and start playing.

If the simplicity of the application is its greatest advantage, it is also its greatest disadvantage. This prevents users from changing the game in any way.

There is no way to change the board or the pieces, and you can only play against the computer.

This game is ideal for those who want to play simple chess with a fairly strong opponent.

Although ValilChess has no features, it offers a good and fast gaming experience for those who don’t like to bother with settings and menus.

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6. Chess4All

Chess4All is a more advanced chess app for Windows 8, Windows 10 than ValilChess and offers a more comprehensive set of features, including a playing guide, chess tutorials and chess puzzles.

Although the board and pieces cannot be changed, other features make the game interesting.

One of these features is the online game, which automatically searches for an opponent and lets you play as soon as it finds one (usually within seconds).

You can also play on the same computer as someone else or, if you have a registered account, you can send invitations to friends and play with them.

UPDATE : Unfortunately, Chess4All has been removed from the Windows Store.

7. Chess Pro

Simple and fun, Chess Pro is the only paid app in our list of best apps (it allows users to try the app before they buy it), and it deserves its place in our rankings.

It has a simple interface with easy menu navigation and simple functions. In the game you can set a difficulty level from 1 to 10, you can choose the color you want to play with, set a handicap for the player, a game timer and a move timer.

Before the game starts, you have to choose the board and the pieces you want to play with.

When you start the game the board is medium sized, the playing pieces are very easy to see, and the right side of the screen shows the game moves and timers.

We think this is the best chess app for Windows 8 because of its simple but excellent features and overall professional look.

UPDATE : Unfortunately Chess Pro is no longer available in the Windows Store. You can look for alternatives there.

8. Chess Tactics

ChessTactics is different from other chess simulators. Instead of simulating the whole chess game, this application offers you different chess problems.

So you can use it if you want to improve your game and work on it. The application offers over 10,000 chess problems of varying difficulty to solve. So if you want to practice a certain movement, this app is just perfect.

ChessTactics could not be simpler and easier. The clean 2D environment allows you to concentrate on your movements and problem solving, eliminating all possible distractions. It’s like practicing on a sheet of paper.

Bonus tool

If you’re still learning to play this great game, these apps won’t help you because each of them is designed for players who already know their game.

ChessTactics is not for beginners either, as it contains advanced problems that you will probably find difficult to solve.

So, if you are a beginner, I recommend you visit our friends at the Correspondence Chess Academy. You will find many books, manuals and additional learning materials that will take your chess game to the next level.

Let us know what you think of our selection. What is your favorite chess app for Windows 10? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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