Alchemy Stars Unveils New Faction PV Teaser: Illumina

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Alchemy Stars, a publisher of free-to-play AOS strategy games, has released a new faction teaser for the upcoming mobile game, Alchemy Stars: The Beginning. The new faction is the Illumina, a space-faring race that aims to eradicate corruption from the universe. The teaser video showcases the faction’s unique gameplay style and character design. The Illumina is a space-faring race that has immigrated from another dimension and seeks to eradicate corruption from the universe. Their brand of justice is ruthless and swift. The Illumina’s gameplay style is fast-paced and team-oriented, with their main objective to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus.

Alchemy Stars, the studio behind the popular game, Illumina, has just released a new PV teaser for a new faction that will join the battle in the upcoming Core 2.0 update. Though not many details have been revealed, the trailer does showcase a number of new features that seem to be focused on enhancing the in-game experience.

Tencent’s latest creation, the linear strategy game Alchemy Stars (白夜極光, Byakuya Kyokkou, Winternight Aurora), has updated its social media and YouTube channel with a new teaser. A short video introduces the new Aurorians who have joined the Illumina faction, and each introduction is accompanied by notes on their personalities, characters, and even their specialties.

Another side of science and magic

This short one-minute video contains no gameplay footage, but at least gives a small introduction to the seven Illumina characters. You may hear a brief linguistic introduction, followed by written information and an initial visual representation of the characters themselves:

Gronrue, Virgin Throne

VA: Maaya Uchida

Mecha-arm-loli. She heads Illumina’s science division and has a genius for making cars completely obsolete. She is generally not interested in fighting, but is interested in controlling and developing giant robots. A geek worthy of his scientific profession.

Nemesis, Executor of Justice

VA: Aimi

With an aura of caution, she still carries the chivalrous will of her ancient past. Now in charge of a military police unit, she earns everyone’s trust with her strong sense of duty.

Filishi, Spirit Rapier

VA: Azumi Waki

Head of Illumina Intelligence. They are generally calm and docile in nature. But she also has another personality that is much more violent and ferocious. In the past, through no fault of her own, she had ended up in a group of outcasts. Her struggle to get away from him aroused this second personality.

Rage, field crossing

VA: Eri Kitamura

One of the captains of Illumina’s standard military corps. She is very ambitious and wants to become the absolute ruler of Illumina one day. Energetic, with a strong sense of advocacy, she will stop at nothing to make an impact. However, it has its internal problems.

Vivian, Radium Rapier

VA: Haruka Tomatsu

The director of Illumina. She can do things the right way and succeeds in everything because of her unflappable nature. Get out of his way. If you don’t want to witness something terrible, follow his instructions for your own good.

Sharona, the newest addition to Ladon.

VA: Yui Ishikawa

Supreme commander of the Illuminati army. She is a ruthless, literally cold beauty who possesses the power of a dragon. But behind his cold exterior is a person you can trust completely. She wears a tachi with her clan’s dragon symbol engraved on it.

Hiro, Sakura Setsuna

VA: Akari Kitou

A relatively young woman who has mastered strange techniques never before seen on the continent. As captain of Illumina, she carries out her duties with the utmost rigour, discipline and dedication. Their long spots have led them to great victories in great battles.

About the world Aurora

Like Terra, the world of the Arknights, Auroria is a separate realm, a completely different planet from our own. The clue is that it is a tidal planet, only one side of which is illuminated by its parent star, while the other half is forever shrouded in darkness.

At the intersection of these boundaries lies the continent of Astra, inhabited by the descendants of the planet’s oldest civilization. The intelligent inhabitants are called Aurorians, and the entire continent is divided into six major factions: Illumina, Lumopolis, Umbraton, Rediesel Wrench and Northland.

Pre-registration forAlchemy Stars is now open!

A pre-registration campaign for the game is currently underway. After the official launch, registrants will receive the following rewards: (Prices are cumulative)

  • 10,000 participants – 3,500 overnight stays
  • 100,000 registered participants – 2 stars
  • 200,000 registrants – 5 Gifts Anonymous I, Special Avatar
  • 500,000 participants – 5,000 overnights, 5 anonymous donations II
  • 1.000.000 Registered – Lumamber 600, special furniture

More information on the official website of Alchemy Stars.

Title: The stars of alchemy

Date of publication : Summer 2021

Genre: Strategic linear role-playing game

Official Twitter:

Official Youtube (in English):

Distribution Format: Free to play (F2P)

Operating System : Android, iOS

Copyright : Tencent Games


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