If you are a Linux user, you may be familiar with the settings it offers. Whether it is changing the icon package or the operating system theme, nothing can be changed by a Linux user.

In addition to all these parameters, Linux offers its users the possibility of changing the boot animation of their system. So, if you are tired of the same boot animation on your Linux system, you can change it to make it less monotonous.

In most popular Linux distributions Plymouth generates a boot animation. This software was developed under the direction of Ray Strode and was first included in Fedora 10, released in 2008. This software uses a direct rendering manager and KMS drivers to create animations during the boot process.

For this article we will use the machine running the Ubuntu distribution; other distributions also have a similar process to change the boot screen when the Plymouth program is used for the boot process. If not, you can install the Plymouth package on your system and change the startup animation. This guide is best suited for Ubuntu 20.04.

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Before you start changing the boot animation, make sure the Plymouth software is installed on your system. To do this, open a terminal on your system and run the following command.

plymouth policy sudo apt-cache

Then enter the system password to execute the sudo command.

If Plymouth software is installed on your system, the terminal displays the version of the Plymouth software currently running on your system. If not, you can install it with the following command.

sudo apt-get install plymouth-x11

After installing Plymouth on your system, follow the instructions below to change your system’s startup animation.

Step one: Open a terminal on the system by searching after pressing the Windows key.

Step two: Enter the command sudo apt – get install plymouth-theme-* to install all available themes from the official Plymouth repository.

Step three: After you install the themes, run the command sudo update-alternatives -config default.plymouth to display all the themes installed on your system. Then type the number next to the desired field and press Enter.

Step four: Now restart your system to see the new boot animation on your system.

The above method uses the themes available in the official Plymouth repository, but you can also install themes created by independent developers.

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How do I install third-party themes?

To install third-party themes, do the following

Step one: Open the Plymouth Dwarf page and choose your favorite theme.

Step two: Download the theme by clicking on the download button

Step three: Unzip the downloaded file to your system

Step four: Open a terminal at the location of the extracted file by right-clicking on it and selecting Open in Terminal.

Step 5: Enter the command sudo ./install to install the theme on your system.

Step six: Type the number next to the topic you want to run in the download process and press Enter.

Since these themes are developed by independent developers, not all of them have an installer. Therefore, sudo ./install will not work on these files.

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How to install themes without the installer?

To install themes without the installer, you can do the following

Step one: Open the Plymouth Dwarf page and choose your favorite theme.

Step two: Download the theme by clicking on the download button

Step three: Unzip and copy the file

Step four: Open a terminal on the system by searching after pressing the Windows key.

Step 5: Type the command sudo nautilus to open your computer’s file system with superuser privileges.

Step six: Go to the following directory /usr/share/plymouth/themes and paste the extracted data folder there.

Seventh step: Open a command prompt and run the command sudo update-alternatives -install /usr/share/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ location of the .plymouth file extracted priority number.

This command links the default .plymouth file to the new theme’s .plymouth file so that it can be selected during the boot process.

Step 8: Type the command sudo update-alternatives -config default.plymouth and select the file name of the newly installed theme by typing a number next to it

Step 9: Type the command sudo update-initramfs -u to update the theme on your system. You can now restart the system and a new boot screen will greet you.

This command updates the image in RAM so that it can be loaded during the boot process.

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How to change the startup animation under Linux?

Check out

How do I change the Ubuntu home screen?


How do I change the screensaver of my home screen?

how to set up a bot-splash…

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At its Spring Loaded event, Apple announced that the next generation of the iPad Pro series will now run on the M1 chip as part of its move to silicon.

If we know that the new tablets are very powerful, what other changes has Apple made since last year and are they enough to consider an upgrade? Read this article to find out.

Among other news, the Cupertino-based company also unveiled Air Tags, a next-generation Apple TV 4K with an updated Siri Remote, an Apple Podcast subscription, and the purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini.

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While the screen played a major role in the iPad Air upgrade, you won’t notice much difference with the newer models, including the 11-inch iPad Pro.

The 11- and 12.9-inch 2020 models feature the same display technology as the smaller 2021 iPad Pro, while the 12.9-inch 2021 model features the much-talked-about mini-LED display.

The latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro has 10,000 LEDs in the panel, compared to 72 LEDs in the other three devices. As a result, the screen achieves 2,500 local dimming zones, a contrast ratio of one million to one and a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits.

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Comparing the camera hardware from one generation to the next, the sensor range at the back remains the same with the 12-megapixel wide-angle shooter, the 10-megapixel ultra-wide-angle scanner and the LIDAR scanner. But with computerized photography, you can get better results with the new equipment.

While the hardware on the back is similar, the front camera system has changed on the 2021 models as they now feature a 12-megapixel wide-angle shooter that allows for a central position.

This feature uses a wide field of view to capture more information and change the frame based on the subject’s movement within the frame – it’s unclear if this wide camera will improve Face ID performance.

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Speaking of processors: At this point, last year’s iPad Pro series loses ground on the new generation, as it uses the M1 chip, which is known for its high energy efficiency ratio.

While there’s no official information on how powerful the M1 will be compared to the A12Z, the new models will be capable of more, assuming Apple starts developing software to take advantage of all the available features – we’re looking at WWDC 2021.

In terms of RAM, the 2020 series will have a maximum memory capacity of 6 GB for all storage options, while the 2021 series will have 8 GB when purchasing a device with 128, 256 or 512 GB of internal storage; when purchasing a 1 TB or 2 TB tablet, users will get an M1 chip with 16 GB of internal storage.

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Among other changes, the single USB-C port has been replaced with a single Thunderbolt USB-4 port, which allows you to connect an external display with up to 6K resolution compared to previous models.

The new cellular models also feature 5G connectivity and can achieve claimed download speeds of 3.5 Gbps; mmWave versions in the US achieve up to 4 Gbps.

Apart from these changes, the devices are largely identical.

Unless the iPad is your only computer, these new devices are in what could be considered overkill. I’m still happy with the performance the iPad Pro offers in 2018.

So if you already have an iPad Pro or even an iPad Air 2020, the upgrade may not be necessary unless the announcements at this year’s WWDC change the workflow on the iPad that can use the extra power.

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Artillery mages generally did poorly, underrepresented in all levels of play from low ELO to professional, and often had low chances of winning. As a class they’ve struggled for several seasons in a row now, and in recent metas they’ve failed to find a decent spot. We haven’t had a conversion in a while, but now we can use it for artillery mages.

I. Current changes in the meta and why they harm artillery mages:

  • The prevalence of highly stable, highly mobile medium-range aircraft has increased. Artillery mages have a hard time with survival or mobility; having both is doubly hard. Yone, Yasuo, Viego, etc. all heal waves and can choose the path of the vampire scepter in the shield.
  • The emphasis is on Drakes and Scuttles rather than alleys and seats. Artillery mages are much better at dealing with towers and lanes, while they have trouble with rivers and skirmishes in the jungle.
  • The roaming play style is still the dominant play style in the medium, despite previous changes to the amount of damage Cannon Minions inflict on towers. Artillery mages can’t compete with assassins, even if they are in the lead.

II. Problems with the artillery mage detail in season 11:

  • Statistically, the mythic mage is less efficient than AD and AP assassins. The average gain on Everfrost/Luden/Liandry trades is 50.7%. For comparison, 51% for Eclipse/Duskblade/Prowler’s and 52.5% for NH/Rocketbelt/Riftmaker. If we exclude Riftmaker as a strength, the gain for NH/Missile Belt is 53.1%.
  • Artillery mages can no longer disrupt the path by acquiring the Seeker’s Army Guard through certain nerves. This not only makes the game harder against AD middles, but also for AP assassins like Fizz, who artillery mages have built Zhone against to survive Ultra.
  • While Horizon Focus is a bit strong, it has become an all too necessary investment for Artillery Mages. This means that the first 2 items purchased are usually Ludens/Liandrys + HF, which hurts the flexibility of the build. The former second reaper is generally a bad buy, even against full AD comps, because you handicap yourself by not buying HF, where most of your vitality comes from.
  • In previous seasons the Medjays, although not designed to carry heavy loads, carried artillery magazines. Despite this, Mejai scored 200 gold points in S11. Additionally, it is more difficult to hold stacks, as the survivability of artillery mages is affected by Zhon Nerf’s actions, as well as the need to build Horizon Focus. Classically, they paired Mejai with Jonja so you wouldn’t be too distracted. Now that Armgard in Zhonya is no longer worth it, it is often optimal not to upgrade Dark Signet, but instead buy Horizon Focus.

III. Like probably NOT upgrading artillery mages.

  • They don’t need fans to do damage, because that would only turn them into props. Small nerfs on base damage in exchange for a better AP ratio would make sense (like what they do in Xerath).
    • In fact, their damage, for the most part, is good.
  • You don’t need any slack. Some (like Ziggs) even need nerds for their golf cleanup.
  • They don’t need amateur mage battles because they’re already good with them.
  • They don’t need more power when they play from behind. They’re very good at it. Even if he loses, if an artillery mage can at least unload his full rotation in a command fight before he dies, he’s still doing something. This is part of the reason why artillery mages were delegated to support – in a teamfight, dying as a support mage isn’t scary, as long as you find your combo.

IV. Possible ways to discourage artillery mages

  • Survivability. Artillery mages don’t have to defeat assassins, but they should at least survive. Some artillery mages are good in this regard (like Ziggs and Lux), but others (like Velkoz) lack innate survivability and reliable CC. Almost all midliners in the meta need ANYTHING to not die, whether it’s mobility/disconnect (Vlad, Fizz, Zed, Katarina, Ekko, Ahri, Cassadine, Sindra), resistance/shields (Galio, Swain, Rumble, Diana, Annie, Ori), or something else (passive Anivia, etc.).
    • Now that Armgard is pumped up, it would be nice to have some more body armor.
  • Better carry potential / higher volatility. At this point, Velcosa 0/2 is honestly not that different from Velcosa 2/0, or at least not as different as the other champion going from 0/2 to 2/0. So it looks like artillery mages can’t have much of an impact on the game, even if it goes through. Increasing transshipment potential could mean adding a little more capacity to their equipment. Or maybe a small snowball system or capacity building injection – that gets them out of their support role and back into the center.
    • For example, I like the idea of having artillery mages interact with champions. Xerath returns mana when it automatically attacks champions. This (theoretically) adds a good amount of skill expression and prevents AFK wave cleaning. But now there’s the problem that if you’re in range of Xerat Auto Zed, he’s in range of 100-0 you.
  • Probably changes the quality of life. Better Q hitbox for Ziggs, Vel’Koz W/E doesn’t disappear after death, etc.

Thank you for reading.

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  • A passive retraining of Sienna’s Pyromancer class.

I just made a post about the forums, but I’m also curious to think about it here, since the people who surf each forum aren’t necessarily the same. Here is the text of the message: Honestly, I think the Sienna is in good shape so far and only needs minor improvements….. Except that…

  • Caryllian Class 4 Concept – Darkweaver (Shadow Mage Power)

Concept Kerillian discovers that she can use magical knowledge, enough to become a dedicated mage, at least at the level of apprentice. Under the care of Olesya, Kerillian learns to use the Shadow Lorena and imitates the wizards who wield it. The idea was to create a magical orientation…

Posted We haven’t recast a class in a while, but now we could use it for artillery mages. (A successor to Artillery Mage 2021 in the Dump) for the game League of Legends.

Top 10 most anticipated video games of 2020

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason for it to be released that year. Upcoming games that are only announced and do not have a major release date are therefore not eligible.


By 2020, there will be a ton of… in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games to look forward to in the first half of 2020.


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Learn how to allow or block third-party cookies in Microsoft Edge. Third-party cookies are cookies that belong to a different domain than the one indicated in the address bar. This type of cookie usually appears when web pages contain content from external sites, such as. B. Advertising Banners. The edge allows you to block them.

Cookies are small files that store information about a user and their device. Cookies save you from having to re-enter your username and password on websites after you close your browser. Cookies also help companies to display relevant ads that match your interests and needs. Unfortunately, these companies sometimes abuse cookies and collect too much information.

Normally the domain attribute of the cookie corresponds to the domain in the address bar of the web browser, so it is a first-party cookie. However, the third-party cookie belongs to a different domain than the one in the address bar. A third-party ad network that actively uses and tracks user activity to deliver relevant ads to individual users.

By default, Microsoft Edge allows all cookies, including third-party cookies. This article tells you how to allow or block third-party cookies in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Allow or block third-party cookies in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Press Alt + F or the menu button with the three dots.
  3. Select Settings from the menu.Open Edge Settings
  4. Under Settings on the left, navigate to Cookies and Site Permissions.
  5. On the right, under Cookies and saved data, click Manage and delete cookies and site data.

  1. On the next page, turn the Block third-party cookies option on or off for what you want.

You’re done. You can now close the Settings tab in Microsoft Edge.

In addition, Edge supports a policy for blocking third-party cookies for all users, BlockThirdPartyCookies. If you enable this policy, items on web pages not from the website you just bookmarked will not be able to set cookies. Users cannot change the affected option in Edge settings. If you do not configure this policy, users can change the third-party cookie settings described above.

Block third-party cookies within certain limits for all users

  1. Open the registry editor.
  2. Go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftEdge. If the Edge key is missing, create it manually.
  3. Edit or create a new 32-bit DWORD value of BlockThirdPartyCookies on the right.
  4. Set the value to 1..

  1. Restart the browser if you have it open.

You’re done.

To save time, you can download the following REG files.

Download the registration files

The ZIP archive contains two files,

  • Block third-party cookies in Microsoft Edge for all users.
  • Allow third-party cookies in Microsoft Edge.reg – this will restore the default settings.

Here’s how.

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How do I change cookie settings in Microsoft Edge?

How do I change the settings to allow third-party cookies?

as-is-open third-p…

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