The security and privacy of your home or office network is important! Your online presence needs to be protected from one of the many threats associated with using the Internet. Whether it’s stalking or stealing your money and information, the internet can be a dangerous place. But we need technology to survive. To make sure your network is secure, we’ve listed six effective ways to improve computer network security.

The 6 best ways to improve computer network security

So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

1. Have a strong password policy

Let’s start with the easiest way to protect your computer and network: a strong password. Whether you want to protect your home or business network with a strong password, this is a good place to start. A weak password is a recipe for disaster for any business network. All you need is the right guessing or hacking software to get your information.

The key to good security is a password that is neither easy to remember nor easy to crack. Another good habit, especially in a corporate environment, is to change passwords often. Set new passwords every month or so and protect them with your life!

2. Imagine your VPN

A VPN, for those who don’t know, is a virtual private network that encrypts your data and location. There are many different VPN servers you can choose from to improve your network security. For the best protection, especially for businesses, you should use a veiled server.

The professionals behind NordVPN’s obfuscated servers point out that this type of server system adds an extra layer of security by masking the use of a VPN. So you are protected against both cyber threats and attempts at censorship. As a business, sometimes you need information that is not readily available. A blacked out server is a sure way to do this.

3. Firewall installation

A firewall, for those who don’t know, is software or hardware that, once installed, controls what happens on your network and on your PC. They block unauthorized processes and disable them, giving you secure access to your network. Whether it’s blocking hacker attacks, unauthorized downloads or system crashes, it’s a great way to protect any network.

Most firewalls can be configured to solve both software and hardware problems. The firewall is ideal for full protection. However, there is a wide selection and some are more deceptive than others. If you decide to install a firewall, make sure you do enough research and choose a reliable one.

4. Installation and maintenance of antivirus software

Installing antivirus software on your computer, device or network is essential to protect your network. Antivirus software is a program used to scan your PC or network for malware or viruses and remove them. It is essential to ensure that your network is protected to the highest level.

Not having an antivirus is almost as bad as having one and not maintaining it. Cybercriminals or hackers can learn and evolve, and if your software is not updated, they can easily penetrate your system through the cracks. If you are not yet familiar with antivirus software, now is the time to start.

5. Do not allow others to install additional programs

Whether you’re at home or in the office, too many cooks in the kitchen can ruin your computer network. If someone or something can install something on your device, you are compromising the security of your network.

If you’re not careful, your network could be exposed to threats without additional protection. In order not to be at the mercy of your family members or subordinates, a strictly non-committal policy is necessary. Used later, it is a simple and effective way to ensure that potential security risks to your network are minimized.

6. Make sure you have corrected and updated.

Last but not least, a patch and an update! As mentioned earlier, online threats and hackers can evolve and adapt over time. If your security barriers don’t work the same way, your network security will fail.

Malware, viruses and all other types of Internet threats can compromise your protection. There are updates and patches to update older versions of software that may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Make sure your line of defense is in order so you don’t risk a breach of your network security.

Let’s go! It is very important to install and manage the right software to protect your computer and network. A VPN, a strong password and a non-payment policy should be the way to secure your network. Don’t forget to update everything and ask for help for professional and safe navigation.

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The latest Microsoft Windows 10 version 21H1 feature update is on the way and often comes as a so-called April or May update. Usually the company releases Windows 10 Future Updates in the spring with more changes and a major update, and a minor release in the fall, but it looks like the upcoming 20H1 release will be a minor update rather than a major one. If you are using Windows 7, you can still download Windows 10 for free to get the latest updates. The release date for Windows 10 21h1 has not yet been set, but we can assume it will be the May 2021 Patch Tuesday.

Talking about the features of Windows 10 Update 21H1, just like the October 2020 update (20H2), this new update also comes with a minimal set of features, general improvements and bug fixes.

Windows 10 Version 21h1 Release date

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but sources say that the final version of Windows 10 20H1 will be released in the second week of May 2021, although Microsoft has not confirmed this. This update will be delivered using Microsoft’s maintenance technology, which means that the 20H1 update will arrive in the same way as the monthly Windows 10 updates. It is the second Tuesday of May 2021, or we can expect 11/05/2021 as the release date for Windows 10 version 20H1.

According to Microsoft, the 21H1 release will include a limited set of features and will come with maintenance technology similar to that used for the monthly upgrade process that came with the 20H2 release.

Message: Microsoft recently (April 14, 2021) announced that it has moved the Windows 10 21H1 feature update to the release channel, indicating that it is about to release it.

Windows 10 21h1 download

Windows 10 21H1 is the next feature update to be released and shipped as an Inclusion Pack, which includes inactive features that were already installed in Windows 10 2004 and Windows 20 20H2.

If you have a device running Windows 10 version 2004 or 20H2 already, you can download version 21H1 by going to Settings > Updates and Security > Windows Updates and clicking Check for Updates. If available, a Windows 10 feature update, version 21H1, is displayed. Click on Download and Install.

For devices already running the 2004 or 20H2 version, the 20H1 version of Windows 10 comes in a small update called the resolution package. The installation takes only two to three minutes, which is enough to upgrade the main build number from 19041 (version 2004) or 19042 (version 20H2) to 19043.

For devices running Windows 10 version 1909 or earlier, you should expect a much longer installation time for a full feature update.

Message: Windows 10 version 20H1 is available as an optional update, and you can install this update for free when it appears on Windows Update, or you can ignore it and move on.

Windows 10 21h1 Features

According to the preview Microsoft has released so far, the latest version of Windows 10 20H1 includes new icons, updated settings pages, and some changes to Cortana and the search box. With this build, the old Microsoft Edge is no longer present, as the new Microsoft Edge is now pre-installed and installed by default.

Support for multiple cameras for Windows Hello, allowing users to select an external camera when using high-end displays with built-in cameras.

Improvements to Windows Defender Application Guard, including optimized document opening time.

Improvements to the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Group Policy Service (GPSVC) to support remote operation.

  • Moreover, Microsoft’s documentation shows that the latest Windows 10 21H1 update will enable TLS 1.3 protocols.
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Group Policy Service (GPSVC) performance updated to support remote operation scenarios.
  • This release also fixes a scaling issue that occurs when Microsoft Edge IE mode is used on devices with multiple high-resolution monitors.
  • Fixed bug that caused HDR (high dynamic range) screens to be much darker than expected.
  • causes video playback to be unsynchronized in duplicate mode when multiple monitors are used.
  • Fixed bug that caused the device to become unresponsive during hybrid shutdown, external desktop sessions to terminate unexpectedly, and the device to stop working when files or folders synced to OneDrive were deleted.
  • Server Message Block 1 (SMB1) clients were unable to access the SMB share after the LanmanServer service was restarted.

Message: We’ll update this post after Microsoft officially releases the Windows 10 version 20H1 update to everyone.

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Menu item and details.

  1. Register a Facebook account
  2. Privacy settings on Facebook
  3. Create your profile
  4. Update your Facebook profile
  5. Your Facebook timeline
  6. How do I add friends on Facebook?
  7. Next and favorite public pages
  8. Posts on Facebook
  9. Features
  10. Upload videos and photos
  11. How do you use Facebook Final Thoughts?
  12. How do I use Facebook for the first time? Frequently asked questions

Words: 1104

Reading time: ~ 4 minutes

This guide will help you if you have a question about how to use Facebook for the first time. Today Facebook helps you connect with your family, friends, colleagues and everyone you know. You can share your photos, videos and status updates with your Facebook friends. If you’ve never used Facebook and are still wondering: How do I use Facebook for the first time? You can register in just a few steps.

Register a Facebook account

Follow these three simple steps to sign up for Facebook:

  1. Start the Facebook application or visit the website.
  2. On the home page that appears, enter your name, email address or mobile phone number, passwords, gender and date of birth.
  3. Then click on Save.

Privacy Settings Facebook

Once you sign up for a Facebook account, you can manage your privacy settings to control who can see your information and profile. You can change your privacy settings by following these four simple steps

Look for the down arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook page and click it.

  1. Click on the Settings and Privacy button.
  2. Click on the privacy check button.
  3. Then you’ll see: Who can see what you share. You can also manage how Facebook users can contact you or find you.

Create profile

Chances are, there’s a Facebook user with the same name as you. To distinguish yourself from others and help your family and friends find you on Facebook, you need to add a cover photo, profile picture, and other personal information.

Profile photo

Click your profile picture on your Facebook profile
If you want to choose a profile picture, you can use one that is already tagged or has been previously uploaded to Facebook. Or one of your photos from your computer. You should also be able to add a frame to your profile.

Facebook profile update

On your Facebook profile page, click on the section labeled O.
In the About You section, you can include information about yourself, your education, your job, your contact and background information, places you’ve lived, your family and relationships, and events in your life.

Your Facebook Timeline

Your Facebook timeline is a digital log of all your Facebook activities, sorted in ascending order. The timeline contains uploaded photos and videos, status updates, and photo tags that your Facebook friends assign to you.

How do I add friends on Facebook?

There are three different ways to add friends to your Facebook friends list. You can search for them, check them in Find Friends, or import their contact list from your phone, iCloud, or email.
To find your friends on Facebook, go to your profile page, click Friends, and then click Find Friends. You will get a list of friend requests from people who have sent you one, and a list of people you know who you can send friend requests to on Facebook.

When you upload your Facebook contacts list, you can also add friends who are also on Facebook, while you can exclude friends who are not on Facebook.

Next and preferred public pages

As a Facebook user, you can like or follow your favorite celebrities, brands, publications and sports teams to receive their updates. To do this, it’s best to use the search box to find their name, then search for their public page, which usually has a blue check mark next to their name to indicate it’s been verified.

Once you follow or like their page, you will receive their updates in your news feed.

Positions on Facebook

The main purpose of the Facebook platform is to connect family and friends online. The ideal way to communicate with your family and friends online is to keep them updated on what’s going on in your life through status updates. So, to download a status update, use the field above the News Feed page.

Facebook status updates lets you share uploads such as videos, photos, stickers, links and GIFs with 15 different colored background images. You can also share different messages, such as. B. :

Registration: When you visit a place, city or location, check in and show your friends where you are.

Emotions/Activities : You can share what you are doing or feeling right now.


Tag friends : When you spend time with your friends, you can tag them in a status update and share what you’re doing.
Day of the event: You can also tag any event you attend to show your friends what you’re up to.
Survey: You can use this feature to ask your friends for their opinion on a particular topic.

Ask for recommendations: This can be very useful if you have just moved house or are visiting a place for the first time. You can simply ask your friends on Facebook for recommendations.

Support for non-profit organisations : You can choose a nonprofit and share it with your status. Therefore, your friends on Facebook can click to make a donation to support this organization.
Answer one question: You can create a question or choose a predefined question to answer and share it with your friends on Facebook.
Facebook Stories: Any content you can share through your status can also be shared through your Facebook Story. You can also upload content to your Facebook story by clicking Add to Your Story in the right sidebar. Again, you can view the stories of all your Facebook friends by clicking on their photo, which will then appear in the Stories section on the right side of your home page.

Downloading videos and photos

To upload videos or photos to your Facebook profile, do the following:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile
  2. Click on the Photos tab
  3. Click on Add photo/video.
  4. Then upload the photo or video of your choice from your computer or mobile phone.

How do you use Facebook’s last thoughts?


There are many things you can do on Facebook and many features that will allow you to take advantage of the platform. With the steps we’ve shown you today, you should be able to answer anyone who asks you questions: How do I use Facebook for the first time?

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Download the mp3 file How to use Facebook for the first time?

How to use Facebook for the first time Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to sign up for Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social network and has many users. So you can easily join Facebook and make use of it.

Can I have 2 Facebook accounts?

Not officially. If you have a business and other products, you can use your personal account to create and manage your site.

How do you avoid being found on Facebook?

1. Open the Privacy page and click View Settings
2. Select Search on Facebook above.
3. Click on the box to its right and select Only Friends.
4. Now you only see your friends

Thanks for reading!

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Android is one of the biggest platforms for developers to showcase their talents. Not only official developers, but also anyone who wants to learn to develop or port can give it a try. And what better way to do that than with custom ROMs and restorations that are popular. OrangeFox Recovery is a custom recovery and an example of the success and popularity of custom development. You can download OrangeFox Recovery for Android here.

TWRP Recovery is another example of custom recovery, and most of you already know it. And OrangeFox is a good alternative to TWRP, which comes from a different team. TWRP and OrangeFox are the best custom recovery programs. There are some devices for which you cannot find TWRP, so you can use OrangeFox or vice versa.

The OrangeFox project has been running for many years and offers a stable and good performance. There is no doubt that it comes with all the features we need for custom recovery. Below is a list of the most popular OrangeFox features currently available.

Orange Leaf Restoration

  • Synchronized with the latest changes in Teamwin.
  • Built with the latest materials 2 Construction guidelines
  • Implemented OTA support for Flyme and MIUI, as well as OTA blocking in custom ROMs.
  • Setting activated
  • Built-in fixes like Magisk and the password reset patch
  • Password protection
  • Fully open source
  • Frequently updated

The best thing about OrangeFox Recovery is its unique and interactive user interface, which puts it on par with TWRP Recovery. TWRP Recovery’s fanbase is certainly larger than it has been in years, but OrangeFox is also growing. We will soon see a recovery from OrangeFox for many other phones.

At the time of writing, OrangeFox R11.1 is the latest version. We have included a list of changes below to give you an idea of the extent of the changes.

Orange Fox R11.1 Change Blog

  • Adding terminal support from the file manager
  • Add a file manager to edit the selected file
  • Open Magisk apk as zip
  • Implement twrp data format to format /data
  • Updating the verification of the ZIP signature
  • Update initd-Addon
  • Re-label internal zippers
  • Adding and removing survival scenarios
  • Flashable zip to save OrangeFox settings (/Files/
  • Numerous improvements to the user interface
  • Fix MTP problems after data formatting (if enabled by maintainer)

You can read more about the latest changes on the official OrangeFox website.

Download OrangeFox Repair for Android Phones

Official Orange Fox recovery is available for many Android phones. You can find it for many other devices as well, but as an unofficial version. And if you have an Android phone with an unlocked bootloader, you can install OrangeFox Recovery. But there’s a catch: Not all phones support custom recovery applications like Orange Fox and TWRP. Most of the Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola phones easily get a custom restore. But you can check and download OrangeFox for your phone from this link.

If you can’t find your device in the list, you can always check the unofficial version on forums like XDA. And once you have the Orange Fox Recovery ZIP file, you can install it on your phone. Don’t worry, we’ve also provided a way to install it.

Message: This is a common way to install OrangeFox Recovery. However, there may be some extra steps for different OEMs like Samsung.


  • Make sure the bootloader is unlocked.
  • Download the OrangeFox repair file from the link above
  • Make a full backup of your phone
  • Install the ADB and Fastboot drivers or download the toolkit to your PC.

OrangeFox Recovery Install

If you are familiar with the TWRP installation process, it is the same as OrangeFox. But before you submit an application, you should go through all the steps.

  1. Copy the OrangeFox zip file to your phone and computer.
  2. Unzip the zip file on your PC and copy restore.img to the adb folder (C:/adb folder or Platform Tools folder).
  3. Start the phone in quick start or boot load mode.
  4. Connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable.
  5. Go to the C:/adb or Platform Tools folder. And type CMD into the file location and press Enter.
  6. A command prompt opens in the adb directory. Make sure the recovery.img file is in the same directory as the one from which you are opening CMD.
  7. Now flash the OrangeFox recovery with the following command.
    • quick recovery.img Flash memory
  8. After the image flashes, press and hold the volume and power buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons when you see the OrangeFox logo. (Don’t forget to check the shortcuts for the phone to start in the recovery program).
  9. Once the phone is booted into the OrangeFox recovery software, check that everything works – for example, that the data partition is mounted successfully and that the touch screen works.
  10. Click Install and locate the OrangeFox Recovery zip file and drag the slider to flash it.
  11. After flashing, the phone reboots into the Orange Fox Recovery software.
  12. That’s it, you can enjoy personalized catering.

If you already have OrangeFox installed and want to upgrade. Then you can flash the last zip file directly from the recovery.

You can now take full advantage of Orange Fox’s recovery features. Let us know which feature is best for recovery.

So that’s it in the guide to download Orange fox recovery with installation instructions. And if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section.

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