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Download, Install & play Project Star: Makeover Story NAME on PC (Windows & Mac)

Project Star: Makeover Story, created by Starz Media is a simulation game that puts you in the role of a manager of a beauty saloon. The main goal is to get the business up and running, then keep it that way. You have to decide what you are going to offer, who will work for you, and how to keep customers happy.

Project Star Makeover Story is an exciting social simulation that puts the player in the role of a young aspiring actress. By shopping at reputable stores, designing our own outfits, practicing our skills and participating in auditions of all kinds, our goal in the Star Makeup Project will be to gradually increase our visibility until we can make a name for ourselves in the competitive world of film and fashion.

In Project Star Makeover Story, we begin our adventure with almost no clothes and almost no glory. In the beginning of the game it is very important to use the unlocked models as best as possible, because with them we can more or less quickly move up the ladder. Every audition requires a certain profile, a profile that we should try to resemble as much as possible with the right clothes. At the end of each audition, and depending on our results, we are rewarded with parts, experience, new materials and even finished garments.

If we decide to invest without real money, we should make good use of the leftovers we get after each audition.

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Project star: Make-up history information

Name: Project Star: A history of transformation
Developer: レンレン・エンターテインメント
Category: Adventure
Results: 3.9/5
Version: 1.0.10
Updated: 8. April 2021
General Assessment: 887
Downloads : 100,000+
Google Play URL:
Android version required: 4.4 and higher

Today we will show you how to download and install Adventure Project Star : Makeover Story on PC on any OS including Windows and MAC variants, however, if you are interested in other applications, please visit our website about pps on PC and find your favorites, without further delay, let’s continue .

Project star: Makeup history on PC (Windows / MAC)

  • Download and install the Android emulator for the PC of your choice from the list we offer.
  • Open the installed emulator and open the Google Play Store in it.
  • Now look for Project Star: Makeup History from the Play Store.
  • Install the game and open the application drawer or all applications in the emulator.
  • Click on the Project Star button: Follow the instructions on the screen to open the game.
  • You can also download Project Star: Makeover Story APK and installed via APK in the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  • You can also try other emulators to install Project Star: Makeover Story for PC.

So much for the Star Guide project: Makeover Story for PC (Windows & MAC), follow our blog on social media for more creative and juicy apps and games. For Android and iOS, follow the links below to download the apps for the respective operating systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a download?

Windows itself has a pretty common installer, but some games, like The Sims or World of Warcraft, use a different kind of installer, that you will need to have in order to install the game. The game’s installer is a program, like any other, and you can install it by downloading it and running it, just as you would any other program. The tricky part is that you will need to have the downloaded file in the same place as the game itself, and on the computer you want to install the game on. Downloading a free app or game from the Internet is really easy. If you know the name of the game or app you want to download, just type it into your search engine and download it from the first site that comes up. If you don’t already know the name of the file, you’ll have to download it from a file sharing site. (File sharing sites are like YouTube for downloaded files.)

What is the difference download and install?

If you need to download a file from the Internet, you’ll find several options when you right click on the file. You can save, move, print, or play with the file, but you may also find some options you weren’t expecting, like open and check for viruses. What’s the difference between these options? You’ve probably heard of both terms, but do you know the difference between “download” and “install”? The two terms are often used interchangeably, but there are actually several differences between the two terms.

How do I download Google Chrome on my Windows 7 laptop?

If you want the latest version of the Chrome browser on your Windows 7 laptop, you’ll need to download the Chrome setup file from Google’s website. Downloading the setup file is easy, but because it’s a large file, you will need a stable Internet connection to complete the installation. You can also download Chrome from a USB drive if you don’t have access to the Internet. In order to download Google Chrome on your Windows 7 laptop, you must first visit Google.com and download the Google Chrome downloader. This downloader is a small file that will lead you through the process of downloading the complete Google Chrome installer. Once you have clicked the downloader, your computer will be automatically set up to download Google Chrome.

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The world is changing and evolving at an incredible rate. We have all faced the challenges of the Covid pandemic and have gradually become accustomed to its effects. One of the biggest problems is working remotely. A few years ago, the home office was the lot of bloggers and people involved in social media. Most former office workers now work from home. The IT sector is no exception.

The most obvious changes in the daily lives of IT developers are online team meetings, zoom calls with clients and Skype interviews. Often you will have to start working on a new project without physically meeting the other team members. The downside can be the lack of team spirit in the company. But the situation seems ideal for people with social anxiety.

In terms of work processes, the labour market values employees with a high sense of responsibility and self-discipline. By staying away from the project managers and the team, you have less control, but at the same time you have to do more things yourself.

What can help the home developer:

  • Video tutorials on YouTube
  • technical pages with valuable and up-to-date information (Stack Overflow, Medium)
  • Support from experienced colleagues
  • commercially available tools requiring minimal configuration

In this article, we’ll look at the latter.

What is a user interface component library?

In an era where mentors are scarce and projects are looking for ways to save time, the UI component library is a necessary solution. UI component libraries provide pre-built widgets and applications that can be used as building blocks in any UI framework. Project requirements vary, but most libraries provide developers with tools to design quickly and easily. The components are easy to connect, can be used in any environment and are compatible with any modern device. In addition, these building blocks can be used to create prototypes and demonstrate them to customers, so they can be sure of the return on their investment.

There are many user interface libraries on the market today. We will review the most comprehensive and regularly updated of these.

Webix JavaScript UI Framework

This product has proven to be reliable for almost 10 years. It offers over 100 widgets that can be used as is or customized to suit the needs of the project. In addition, there is a wide range of advanced widgets that form complete SPA applications. In addition, the Webix library includes Webix Jet, a free open-space micro-framework for developing user interfaces. The documentation is not always adequate, but the forum is helpful and the technical support is responsive.

Among the most popular Webix widgets, we can mention :

  • File manager
  • Cat
  • Responsible for the report
  • Kanban

Sencha Ext JS

We can call Sencha a complete framework because it contains almost everything you need for any UI/UX task. Sencha works with the environment to ensure it can be used in any niche and integrated into any solution. There are several useful resources in the library. Sencha Test was developed to facilitate the automated testing process. Sencha Themer is a tool for creating and configuring project diagrams. Sencha Stencils is a set of user interface tools that includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch and Balsamiq for quick and easy prototyping.

The components of Sencha include:

  • Hinged grid
  • Exporter
  • Layout
  • Adaptor D3

Kendo UI

Another library that has reached the status of a quality product for commercial web applications. It is updated regularly and supports the four main frameworks at the same time (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery). Kendo is very popular in the large developer community. Telerik, the company behind Kendo UI, continues to improve and develop its product. Tools are currently available for ASP.NET, AJAX, MV and Core. There are solutions for PHP, Silverlight, JSP. Because of this responsible approach, the Kendo user interface can be integrated into virtually any system.

Practical tool:

  •  Combining UX
  • telerica treatment
  • DataViz


There is now a wide range of ready-made open source components that help the developer in his tasks. In this article we have mentioned only a few modern user interface libraries. The choice depends on the specific requirements of the project. But the purpose of any component library is to ease the development process and save time and money. Why not start using what already exists instead of creating new tools from scratch?

frequently asked questions

Should I use a user interface library?


What is a user interface component library?

Sources, what if…

What makes a good component library?

Things to think about when….

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Tired of paying for apps on the App Store? Well, not anymore. Because we have a few tricks up our sleeves. You can now get paid or custom iPhone apps for free, without jailbreak.

Yes, you read it right, for free and without jailbreak. Learn how to download and use paid apps for free on iOS (iPhone or iPad) without jailbreaking:

Besides the many advantages of the iPhone, there are also things that many people don’t like. One of those things is the closed nature of iOS.

This means that we cannot download applications from sources other than our own App Store. Sometimes the Android version of an app from the same developer is free, but you have to pay for the iOS version if you want to use it on your iPhone. Not everyone is willing to spend that much money on iOS apps.

Download and use free paid apps on iOS

While most apps on the App Store have a price, there are workarounds that allow you to get the same app for free. Hacking an iPhone in prison is the first option. If you already have a broken device, you can download these apps for free. However, this comes at a price and your warranty may be voided.

Another way to get free paid apps on iOS devices is through third-party app marketplaces. The best part is that this does not void your device’s warranty.

Additional benefits of using third-party application stores

  • This operation is safe and will not damage your device.
  • You don’t need a PC or a jailbreak.
  • You have access to suitable applications and trendy games.

The Apple App Store is a safe and reliable place to download applications and games. But the App Store charges developers high publishing fees. Developers therefore ask for small donations or offer paid applications to recoup the cost of publication and make some profit.

But not all apps are paid, and you can always find free alternatives to paid apps. However, you may want to install some applications, but you are not willing to pay.

In this case, you can use the following methods to download free paid apps on iOS. There is always a risk associated with installing third-party applications. But we have done some research and below you will find reliable, legal and safe ways to download free paid apps to your iOS device.

There are many third-party app installers for iOS. The advantage of these services is that they often offer most paid applications from the App Store for free. Some of the big names on this list include a brand new app called Zeus, as well as older apps like AppValley, EonHub.


Well, everything has its price, even these custom applications have their price. You’re being recalled. But you don’t have to worry, we have a trick to avoid weapons. Follow me:

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Tap the i to the right of the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to.
  • Click on Configure Proxy.
  • Click on the Manual button.
  • On the server, type proxy.eonhubapp.com.
  • Enter the port 2020
  • Click Save in the upper right corner.
  • Now, I recommend you make sure these settings are saved;
  • Go to Settings > Turn Wi-Fi on and off.
  • Press the i to the right of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to.
  • Tap Configure Proxy and verify that the settings match.

OPINION: For the above steps to work, the certificate must be signed. If it is not currently signed, we recommend you wait until the developers receive a new certificate and follow all these steps again.

Install third-party application storage

1. Zeus

Zeus is a new free third-party signing service and app store for iOS. They offer advanced applications and former prison outposts.

Features of Zeus:

In Zeus, requests decrease very quickly after a recall.

Zeus has a familiar Apple design.

Zeus does not store your data and uses SSL for a secure visit. So your love life is intact.

The folks at Zeus will accept your suggestions for applications on Twitter, or you can join their Discord server.

How to install it:

  1. Go to https://getzeus.app/
  2. Click on Get Zeus
  3. A pop-up window appears on the screen with the message This page is trying to load a configuration profile.
  4. Click on Authorize.
  5. Go to Settings > General > Scroll down until you see Profile/Device Management > Tap Profile/Device Management > Tap Install in the top right corner.

2. Application Valley

AppValley is one of the oldest third-party application stores.

How to install it:

  1. Go to https://appvalley.vip/
  2. Click button for iOS
  3. Find the application you want to install.
  4. A pop-up window appears on the screen with the message This page is trying to load a configuration profile.
  5. Click on Authorize.
  6. Go to Settings > General > Scroll down until you see Profile / Device Manager > Tap Profile / Device Manager > Tap Set in the upper right corner.

3. Eonhub

EonHub is also one of the oldest third-party app stores. It is not necessary to load a configuration profile for this. You can download the applications directly from their website.

How to install it:

  1. Go to https://app.eonhubapp.com/
  2. Find the application you want to download.
  3. Click on the Get button to the right of the application you want to download.
  4. Then you will see a popup, click install

If the Install Not Possible window appears :

If you see a pop-up window that says installation is impossible, don’t worry. Just follow these steps:

  1. Long press on the application which is greyed out and displays an error. Click on Cancel Download
  2. Go to Settings, scroll down until you see Safari
  3. Click on Safari, scroll down until you see History and data clearing
  4. Click on Clear website history and data.
  5. Go back to the correct website and download the applications again.
  6. Return to the home screen and wait for the application to load.
  7. Once the application has started downloading (when the application says download), stop the download by clicking on the application.
  8. Go back to Preferences > Safari > and click Clear website history and data again.
  9. Continue downloading and wait until the program tells you to install it.
  10. Once the application says Install, turn on Airplane Mode in the Control Center and wait for the application to finish installing. Turn off Airplane mode when the application has finished installing.

You can follow the same instructions for other third-party app stores such as Ignition, Tutubox, Tweakbox, etc.

Important notices

  • Make sure your device does not turn off. If this is the case, the anti-callback trick will no longer work and you will have to wait until the developers of these stores have a new certificate.
  • You can follow the Twitter handles of these shops to get more details about their status, whether their certificate has been revoked or is still working. Below is a list of the most popular third-party app stores on Twitter:
  1. Zeus: https://twitter.com/ZeusSigned
  2. AppValley: https://twitter.com/App_Valley_vip
  3. EonHub : https://twitter.com/EonHubApp
  4. TutuBox : https://twitter.com/usetutubox/
  5. Ignition: https://twitter.com/TryIgnition/

So it’s all about how to download and use paid apps for free on iOS.

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If you have a request, please leave it in the comments box. Share this article with your friends too.

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Basketball is a basketball game where you take to the suburban streets for exciting games with an underground aesthetic. To do this, we will unlock different icons to demonstrate our quality with the ball in hand as we shoot.

In Basketrio we will find a truly amazing visual section that will lead us to the full customization of the game. Each of the players we may face has certain skills and very specific physical characteristics. This way we can test different skills until we find the road athlete who will bring our team the most success.

The games we will play at Basketrio will be online. Therefore, the game will bring us together with players from all over the world to create a team that combines the quality of all the characters. To control our hero, simply press the joystick to move and the action buttons to shoot, block shots or stop a pass from the opponents. And we can always make good combinations with our teammates to give our opponents a run for their money.

Basketrio shows us the scoreboard and timer at the top of the interface, so we are always aware of the progress of the game. From the main menu, we also have access to other game modes and some training sessions that allow us to improve each skill to become more and more successful.

Basketrio has excellent graphics and game mechanics that are very addictive. Once we take control, we can shut down any opponent, take lots of shots to the basket, and set up dribbles that deserve to be caught on camera.

You’ll see more of them: Gr for PC (Windows & MAC) .

Basket details

Name: Shopping cart
Developer: CubeMagicLimited
Category: Sport
Period: 4.0/5
Version: 2.2.1
Updated: 2. February 2021
General Assessment: 17,871
Download : 500,000+
Google Play URL:
Android version required: 5.0 and above.

Here, today we will show you how to download and install Sports Basket on PC on any operating system, including Windows and MAC variants. However, if you are interested in other applications, please visit our page about pps on pc and find your favorites, without further ado, let’s continue.

Basket on PC (Windows / MAC)

  • Download and install the Android emulator for the PC of your choice from the list we offer.
  • Open the installed emulator and open the Google Play Store in it.
  • Now search for the shopping cart in the Play Store.
  • Install the game and open the application drawer or all applications in the emulator.
  • Click on the Basketrio icon to open it and follow the on-screen instructions to play.
  • You can also download and install Basketrio APK via APK in the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  • You can also try other emulators to install Basketrio on your PC.

That’s it on Basketrio for PC (Windows & MAC) tutorial, follow our social media blog for more creative and juicy apps and games. For Android and iOS, follow the links below to download the apps for your respective operating system.

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In the past, you had to prepare tax returns manually, which was tedious. Today, tax software is an integral part of many taxpayers’ lives. While professional preparers are required to file a portion of their clients’ tax returns electronically, non-professional preparers are increasingly using tax management software.

Many prefer professional accountants; others use individual tax programs to prepare their tax returns. So for the average taxpayer, professional training or tax software is used to meet tax obligations without understanding the nuances of the tax code.

This shift of responsibility to professional tax preparers or tax software seems to ensure that tax returns are accurate, potential deductions are not overlooked, and that the use of software protects against IRS audits.

Top 7 best tax software and tax preparation program in 2021

1. TurboTax

TurboTax is an American tax preparation software. It covers all areas of tax preparation with many options. He has his own permit. TurboTax is available in several versions, including TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax Premier, and TurboTax for Self-Employed. TurboTax software is available for federal and state tax returns.

This software guides the user step by step through the tax return. TurboTax offers taxpayers additional support for their self-prepared tax returns with the Audit Defence service from TaxResources. TurboTax generally releases new versions once the IRS completes its review of a form and approves the versions. Some of TurboTax’s controversial topics that caught fire.

  • TurboTax has prevented its Free File Program page from being indexed by search engines.
  • TurboTax objection against an irrevocable deposit
  • Repositioning of TurboTax versions.
  • Claims for unjustified return.
  • TurboTax wrote the procedure.

2. Tax premium

TaxAct Premium is an American tax preparation company that offers its proprietary TaxAct software to sole proprietors, professional partners, and tax offices. TaxAct is a leading provider of affordable digital tax preparation solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs and tax professionals.

TaxAct includes several online plans, including Free, Basic+, Deluxe+, Premier+ and Self-employed+ and Pro. TaxAct offers a free version for simple declarations. There is an app called TaxACT Express that is available on Android and iOS. TaxAct offers two product formats: TaxACT Online, online tax preparation and TaxACT Desktop.


H&R BLOCK is a tax preparation software and business services company operating in Canada, the United States, Australia and India.

It offers consumer tax software, online tax software and electronic filing. According to recent reports, H&R BLOCK has approximately 12,000 tax departments worldwide consisting of tax professionals.

H&R Block’s tax software is available in Free, Deluxe, Premium and Self-Employed versions. Deluxe and Premium editions include a free online chat with a tax professional.

4. Credit Karma

Credit Karma is known as a free platform for credit and financial management. Credit Karma’s features include free tax preparation, calculation of unclaimed property database and a tool to identify and dispute errors on credit reports.

All its services are free to consumers. Among other things, Credit Karma receives revenue from the shareholder who pays the company when Credit Karma refers customers to the shareholder.

Credit Karma also offers tax returns, loans, credit cards, identity theft protection, credit tools such as a credit score simulator that estimates the impact of potential financial actions on a user’s credit score, and personalized financial recommendations based on each user’s credit profile.

5. Jackson Hewitt Premium

Jackson Hewitt Premium prepares more than 2 million federal, state and local tax returns each year. She owns financial services, tax preparation, prepaid loan repayment and several franchises.

Jackson Hewitt offers clients automated preparation of federal, state and individual income taxes using its ProFiler pen and ink software.

6. LibertyTax

Liberty Tax offers services in Spanish. This allows consumers to file their tax returns online. Liberty Tax offers tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. He needs a blog in the tax room, a tax organizer, a tax calculator and mileage book, and a calculator. It covers income tax preparation, finding a local tax preparer, filing taxes online, and tax school.

7. Taxable person

TaxSlayer is a privately held company specializing in tax preparation and financial technology. TaxSlayer produces software for various market segments: Consumers, professional tax advisors, volunteers from IRS VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) and TCE (Tax Counseling for Seniors).

TaxSlayer enables its users to file their taxes electronically each year. TaxSlayer offers different packages to provide different levels of help and support clients need to complete their project. It works with the federal VITA and TCE programs and has a free file alliance.


The best tax programs are listed above. In addition, the tax software is automatically updated to reflect changes in tax laws, even during the filing season. It is therefore easy to see that, for those who are not familiar with tax laws, tax software is a very practical tool.

frequently asked questions

What is the best tax software for 2021?

select ‘ bestt-tax-software

Which tax software offers the largest refunds?

Personal finance ‘ Taxes

Which tax software is easiest to use?

The best software and hardware…

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Tycoon Business Game is a challenging idle game that offers its players the chance to step into the shoes of a real business tycoon. By opening our headquarters in a real place on the planet, our goal will be to increase our capital as much as possible, for which we will have to invest in other companies, materials, stocks and even transportation services, all surrounded by the game mechanics of the simplest non-action games.

Although the initial amount of information offered by Tycoon Business Game can be a bit overwhelming, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to unravel the few gameplay mysteries. Once we’ve chosen our company name, it’s time to manage our assets by investing in as many domains as possible. These investments will result in incremental increases in our revenues and provide significant long-term benefits.

In the beginning of our adventure, we often run out of money after a few purchases; this is where the idle aspect comes in, as we can completely ignore the game while the Tycoon business game ensures that money is automatically generated.

Tycoon Business Game offers a slightly more complex version of what we see in games of this genre, making it ideal for those who want to dive deeper into these types of mechanics.

You’ll see more of them: Ultimate Jewel for PC (Windows & MAC).

Business Simulator Business Empire Game Tycoon

Name: Tycoon Business Game Empire &amp Business Simulator
Developer: Michael Asarraf
Category: Strategy
Period: 4.5/5
Version: 4.7
Updated: 20. April 2021
General Assessment: 31,130
Download : 500,000+
Google Play URL:
Android version required: 4.1 and higher

Here we will show you how to download and install Strategy Tycoon Business Game Empire &amp Business Simulator on PC which works on any OS including Windows and MAC variants. However, if you are interested in other applications, we invite you to visit our website at pps on pc and find your favorites, without further ado, let’s continue.

Business Empire Game Tycoon on PC (Windows / MAC)

  • Download and install the Android emulator for the PC of your choice from the list we offer.
  • Open the installed emulator and open the Google Play Store in it.
  • Now search for Tycoon Business Simulator Business Game Empire on the Play Store.
  • Install the game and open the application drawer or all applications in the emulator.
  • Click on the Tycoon Empire &amp Business Simulator icon to open it, and follow the on-screen instructions to play.
  • You can also download Tycoon Business Game Empire &amp Business Simulator APK and install it on BlueStacks Android emulator via APK.
  • You can also try other emulators to install Tycoon Business Game Empire &amp Business Simulator for PC.

This is all about Tycoon Business Game Empire &amp Business Simulator for PC (Windows & MAC) guide, please follow our social media blog for more creative and juicy apps and games. For Android and iOS, follow the links below to download the apps for your respective operating system.

frequently asked questions

How do I define the startup process?

basic computer skills…

What is the difference between downloading and installing?

Item Question-374153.

How do I install Google on my laptop?

Reply by Chrome

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Launching a technology startup is certainly not the easiest thing in the world. At the same time, you’re securing office space, camping out at Microsoft Teams meetings, and scouring local furniture stores for retro yet modern furniture to fit into your new offices.

We mean, who has time to worry about tax deductions for startups? You know. Or at least you should have the time. Because, trust us, tax deductions are about to become your new favorite buzzword.

We know full well that there is no phrase that scares business owners more than tax season. This is especially true if you are a first-time business owner and have never filed a tax return before.

At the same time, tax deductions have a direct impact on the amount of taxes you pay each year. The good thing is: The more you know about tax deductions, the more you can deduct and pay less.

Technology startups consume a lot of money, especially in the first few years of their existence. However, many startup entrepreneurs don’t take the time to identify their deductions before they start spending money, causing valuable deductions to disappear.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place, because our comprehensive list of all tax deductions for tech startups is just what you need.

All types of commercial insurance

You’ve probably invested in business insurance to protect your tech startup. It is important to know that you can write off the cost of the insurance:

  • Commercial property insurance ;
  • Joint liability coverage ;
  • Cyber Liability Insurance ;
  • Insurance against loss of income.

For example, general liability insurance is also different for every business, as several factors have a big impact on the final price you pay for coverage, including the size of your business and the amount of coverage you choose to purchase.

So if you want to keep your start-up costs as low as possible, take a look at Next’s general liability insurance, which you can take out online in less than 10 minutes and which insures you against all sorts of incidents that could harm your growing business.

Sales promotion and advertising

Raising awareness of your company and product can certainly be very expensive, but fortunately the money you spend on advertising and promotion is fully deductible.

This includes marketing costs spent on Google ads, such as. For example, money spent on marketing materials such as business cards, and even money spent on providing websites such as. B. the purchase of domain names.

It’s simple: Make sure your accounting keeps receipts for the ads you order, as you can write them off quickly.

Car Chargers

Working in the technology sector doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in front of your laptop all day. Sometimes you have to leave the office, and when you do, you can write off the cost of the business trip. These travel expenses cover such things:

  • Networking meetings and events.
  • Travel for business meetings with investors, contractors, partners and employees.
  • Sent daily to the post office, stationery store and printer.

There are two different ways to write off car expenses. The first is to write off the expenses by recording the mileage and including the mileage deduction in your taxes.

The second method of car and vehicle depreciation is to write off a portion of the payments for the vehicle. These costs include gasoline, repairs, car insurance, oil changes and car washes. The depreciation rate depends on how much you use your vehicles for business and personal purposes.

Bank charges

All expenses related to your bank accounts and loans are also deductible. This includes your bank fees and you can deduct all fees related to your monthly cooperation, debit balances, deposits, ATMs and transfers.

This also includes credit and debit card fees, annual fees, late payment fees, loan fees, and credit opening fees, such as. B. Loan underwriting and closing fees and loan closing costs.

Charitable contributions

All cash and in-kind donations to your favorite charity are tax deductible. However, the organization must be classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This means that donations to your favorite political parties and organizations are not tax deductible. Remember, you will still need proof of donation for tax purposes as you will need to declare it on your tax return.

Educational expenditure

Since most technology startups are usually relatively new to the business world, the owners/managers and employees still have a lot to learn. Fortunately, you can fully deduct payments for work-related training and equipment for you and your employees.

This includes all books and study materials such as e-books, print books, magazine subscriptions, newspapers and audiobooks. This includes all educational workshops and training programs, such as online conferences, summits, in-person seminars, lectures, lecture series and others.

Purchase of equipment

All supplies and equipment you purchase for your start-up, such as computers, copiers, office supplies, desks and chairs, are also taxable. Based on the actual cost of the equipment, it is either recorded as an expense and depreciated over one year or as an asset and depreciated over several years.

Depreciation is a method of determining the value of an asset over its useful life. If you z. B. You buy a $2000 laptop and plan to use it for five years. The unit will depreciate $400 per year. You can claim a tax deduction of $400 per year.

In the early stages of your business, you will likely make large purchases of equipment such as computers and networking systems to get everything up and running. For the best advice, consult with your tax advisor regarding the deduction of these expenses.

Other tax deductions

Other important deductions include the licenses and business permits you need to run your startup, commissions you pay to partners or affiliates to promote your products or services, cost of goods sold, expenses for your tech startup’s events and parties, gifts to employees, customers or affiliates, awards for research and development, and utilities.

Final thoughts

After all, recording tax deductions for your tech startup is not as simple as recording ordinary business expenses. Even if you think you know enough to figure it out, it’s always a good idea to consult an experienced accountant or, better yet, a tax advisor who specializes in the taxation of startups. They can help you overcome the obstacles to get your tax deductions and save money for your business.

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In this day and age, it is more important and urgent than ever to promote the well-being of nature in every way possible. Responsible people use different methods to help the environment. These methods are sometimes beneficial in many ways, especially in their personal lives. The same goes for solar energy. In the early 2000s, when solar power was conceived as a lifeline, an alternative to stale and problematic coal, people knew little about the technology. So much so that people could not believe that sunlight could be used to light lamps in their homes.

Beginning with solar energy

However, in recent years we have seen not only remarkable applications of solar energy, but also that solar energy is paving the way to a better future. Believe it or not, but you too can initiate change by starting a solar initiative at home. Yes, you can start your home by installing solar panels on your roof and in your yard. Moreover, you can also purchase solar powered electrical appliances to make the green energy initiative in your home a success.

What are the best solar devices you can get

Solar powered products not only have a significant positive impact on the environment, but also help you to significantly reduce your energy costs. If you use these products effectively in your home, you can be sure of great savings. According to Simple Solar Living, solar products are not only healthy, but also very durable and low maintenance. At this point, you should be interested in solar power in your home and could even be looking for the right products for your home. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of products you can install in your home that will help you save significantly. Let’s see:

Solar cooler

Everyone knows air conditioners are energy guzzlers. If you’re looking for a better alternative, look no further than solar powered coolers. There are different types of solar coolers on the market, with different features and capacities. The solar panel attached to these coolers is usually portable, meaning you can remove the panel and place it in the sun to charge, and use the cooler as needed. It works very well in direct sunlight, so you won’t get very hot in the summer.

Solar-powered zapper

Do you and your children enjoy spending time in the garden? Then you should definitely consider this product. Often when you have a small picnic in the garden with your family, mosquitoes, flies and insects come and spoil your mood and the party. You can get rid of it easily with a bug pan. Since it is solar powered, you do not need an electronic mosquito sprayer or starter for the same. It works just as well indoors.

Portable solar charger

The power bank is an excellent device to support the charging of your smartphone battery. But you know what’s even better? Yes, it’s a solar charger for a smartphone. This portable device is like a power bank that can be used in emergency situations. Whether you’re on a long road trip or traveling to a remote village where power is often out, solar charging always comes in handy. The charger can be charged by solar energy, so it can continue to power your phone on a regular basis. If you are at home, you can save a lot on your electricity bill with a charger.

Solar powered security cameras

solar powered

Do you want to deter burglars without paying regular energy bills? Consider installing a solar powered dummy security camera. Some of these CCTV cameras spin, make noise and have a flashing light inside, just like real cameras, but they all run on solar power. This allows you to keep your home safe and your electric bill under control.

Solar energy is really useful for many purposes, whether you spend most of your time inside or outside the house. The devices listed above will help you get the job done and lower your energy bills. Every solar powered home has its advantages. It’s time to start using these great sun products. What do you buy first for your home?

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Does solar energy reduce my electricity bill?

Eliminate electricity bills

How much can solar power save on your electricity bill?

Solar energy is a…

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Hello to all who are looking for a blog. I hope everyone is doing well. Are you here to find out the topic of the day? Well, then you can guess what the theme is, or even the corresponding theme. Ha ha, sorry if I confused you. It was a small gig, just for fun. Yes, let’s find the theme of the day and let mom deal with your confusion.

If you want to fix iTunes issues on your Windows 10 or Mac computer, you are in the right place because here we provide a step-by-step guide to fix iTunes issues. Here you can also set up HD video recording without 2020 connection.

Learn more about the error iTunes does not recognize iDevices:

Hello friends, When your computer or iTunes does not recognize your iPhone or iPad device, thousands of people around the world face the same problem every day. But don’t worry, because there are several ways available and in this post we will show you how to solve iTunes does not recognize iPhone 7 or iPad device with nice solution steps. For that, let me explain how to deactivate your Kik account.

In most cases, this error is annoying if you haven’t corrected it at the beginning of the popup.

Fix iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone/iPad

Content to be included in this article

What are the errors that iTunes does not detect?

In fact, on iDevices, iTunes is a major place to buy music, movies and more. However, some iDevice users get an error message, such as. B. iTunes cannot detect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. However, some people have complained that iTunes does not recognize the iPhone after the update to 12.9 and they cannot access music files. Other people have also found that iTunes 12.9 does not sync music to the iPhone.

The cause of this error may be a bug in the iTunes drivers, the iTunes library or an incompatibility between the iPhone and iTunes. Follow these steps to make sure iTunes does not recognize iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/7 Plus/SE/6s/6 Plus5S, iPad, and iPod.

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Method 1: Main options

Before you begin the future process, try to follow some simple basic steps.  In some cases, this works perfectly to solve the iTunes recognition problem on your Windows and iPhone, iPad device.

  • USB cable : If iTunes does not recognize your device, try another working Apple Genuine USB cable.
  • Reboot your iPhone, iPad : Simply restart your iPhone or iPad and try logging in again.
  • Update iTunes: In some cases, many problems are caused by an outdated version of iTunes; you should update the iTunes software to the latest version.
  • Wait to find out: Connect the iDevice to your computer and wait a few minutes for the USB driver to be detected.
  • Anti-blocking: When Anti-Lock is enabled, simply unlock your Apple device.
  • Reinstall iTunes: Uninstall the iTunes software previously installed on your computer and then reinstall the latest version.

Method 2: If you are using a Windows computer, follow these steps.

Recently updated Microsoft Windows 10 users can follow the below steps if your iPhone, iPad Unrecognized iTunes.

>> Step 1) First of all, make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes software on your Windows 10 computer.

>> Step 2) After clicking on the Windows icon in the lower left corner, go to Control Panel.

>> Step 3) Select the Hardware and Sound category and open it.

>> Step 4) After selecting and clicking the devices and printers in the list.

>> Step 5) On the next page, your iPhone or iPad will appear in the Unspecified category.

Message: If the device appears there, just change the USB cable or try it on another Windows computer.

>> Step 6) Now right click and select Properties.

>> Step 7) Now click on the Hardware tab at the top, and then click on the Properties option again.

>> Step 8) On the General tab, click Change Settings.

>> Step 9) Navigate to the Driver Options page in the top bar and click the Update Driver Settings button.

>> Step 10) On the next screen, simply select and click the Browse My Computer button to find the drivers.

>> Step 11) Click Select and display C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers. If you do not have this folder, simply register C:Program Files(x86) Common FilesAppleMobile Device Support Drivers.

Step 12) Finally, click Next>>>>to Ok.

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Method 3: Mac users follow the troubleshooting instructions if iTunes does not detect the issue

  • Just hold down the option key on your keyboard and tap the Apple menu.
  • When you select the System Information or System Report option.
  • Now select the USB option in the left hand corner.
  • You can find your iPhone, iPad and iPod device under the USB drivers.
  • Remove third-party software from the list.

Method 4: Restart Apple Support and Service

>> Step 1) First, click on the window icon in the lower left corner and go to Control Panel.

>> Step 2) Now select the categories of programs you want to uninstall and find the Apple Mobile Device Support program in the list of installed software.

>> Step 3) Now press and hold the Windows key and the R key on the keyboard for a few seconds after the small window appears on the screen.

>> Step 4) Enter Service.msc in the field after clicking Ok.

>> Step 5) On the next screen, locate and double-click the Apple Mobile Device or Apple Mobile Service option.

>> Step 6) The Windows window will open, click on the Stop button and set the preferences at the bottom of the window.

>> Step 7) Then click the Start button again to start the Apple service.

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We hope you will understand these solutions and these methods will help you to solve the iTunes non-recognition problem on your Windows 10 or iPhone, iPad device. If these methods do not work, contact Apple Support. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. If you are facing iPhone 6 hard reset and iPhone 7 hard reset, please follow the below steps for iPhone 7 hard reset and iPhone 6 hard reset.

In this article, you will basically learn how to fix iTunes not recognizing your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If any of the above methods don’t work for you, let me know in the comments section. I will try to update this article with new methods. If you know a new way to fix iTunes not recognizing your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, please share your method with us.

Thanks nerds hope all information is very valuable for you and if not, send it to me by posting a comment on your request I will show the best solution for this problem. This is the most precious day of your life for men.

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Why won’t iTunes recognize my iPad?


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This quick guide shows you how to re-enable the Conflict Warning when merging folders, so that Windows warns you when there is a duplicate folder or directory when copying or moving in Windows 10.

Failure to report duplicate folders when copying or moving Windows 10 files

In older versions of Windows, such as B. In Windows 7, when you copy or move a folder with the same name as the destination folder, a warning window – Confirm Folder Replacement – appears, asking you whether you want to merge or ignore the folder.

Starting with Windows 10, the warning for duplicate folders no longer appears by default when you insert a folder with the same name. Windows 10 automatically merges two folders with the same name without notifying you (if Hide folder conflicts remains selected).

For example, you have a folder called Videos. The Video folder contains the file Video01. In another folder, there is also a folder named Video, and in this folder there is a file named Video02. If you copy the first folder and paste it at the location of the second folder, Windows automatically merges the folders without warning if folder conflicts are disabled. At the end there will be a Video folder containing Video01 and Video02.

Some people who copy and move files often want to know if folders with the same name already exist in the destination folder, especially if they are copying or moving a large number of files and folders from one drive to another (especially if you are doing massive backups, etc.).

If you’re looking for another option that allows you to keep both files when identical files are in Windows 10 during the copy or move process, check out this guide: The Copy but keep both files option is missing in Windows 10.

Displaying a duplication warning conflict when merging folders in Windows 10

The confirmation warning for duplicate folder replacement is handled in Windows 10 by the Hide folder merge conflicts option. This option is enabled by default in Windows 10, so when you copy or move folders with the same name, they are automatically merged without warning or anything.

To tell Windows that a duplicate folder is detected when you create a copy, disable the option to hide conflicts when you merge folders. Here’s how.

In File Manager or on this PC, click the View button on the toolbar. Then click on Options and select Change folder and search options.

In the Folder Options window, under Advanced Settings, scroll down the list until you see the Hide conflicts when merging folders option. Disable this option to prevent Windows from hiding the folder merge warning when there is a conflict.

Click Apply and then OK to save your changes.

The next time you copy or move a folder with the same name, Windows displays a warning to confirm that the folder has been replaced and asks you whether you want to merge or ignore it.

Description to share: No duplication or replacement warnings when copying or moving files, folders or directories with the same name in Windows 10? Here’s how to fix it.

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