12 Best Places To Buy Windows 10 Keys

If you are in need of a Windows 10 download code, but don’t want to pay anything, you should know that there are a lot of websites that offer free Windows 10 activations. Of course, you will have to pay for the rights to use the product, but you will get your licence for free here.

If you are looking to buy a Windows 10 license key, here is a list of 12 places to get it with the lowest prices. Most of these vendors have good ratings on other top tech sites, too.

If you’ve been longing to get a copy of Windows 10 but all the retailers are sold out, don’t fret! We’ve found the best place to buy Windows 10.. Read more about buy windows 10 pro product key and let us know what you think.

Windows 10 is without a doubt Microsoft’s greatest operating system to date. It is not only stable, but it also has a slew of new features such as Windows Hello, Dark Mode, and improved security. To use these features, you’ll need to activate Windows 10, which necessitates the purchase of a product key. So, where can you get Windows 10 keys?

The official Microsoft website is the best location to purchase Windows 10 keys. Other reputable websites, such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, KeysOff, and Kinguin, are also good places to shop. Before purchasing a Windows 10 key online, be sure to read customer reviews.

If you’re still reading, you probably want to activate Windows 10 so you can get the most out of it. We’ve got you covered, thankfully. Continue reading to learn about some of the finest sites to get Windows 10 keys. 

12 Best Places To Buy Windows 10 Keys


Microsoft is, without a doubt, the finest location to get Windows 10 licenses. When you purchase product keys from the official website, you can rest certain that you’re getting a completely legal product that won’t cause you any problems in the future. 

While the Microsoft website does not enable you to buy a product key separately, you can still get one by purchasing one of the many Windows 10 bundles. Windows 10 Home ($139), Windows 10 Pro ($199.99), and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations ($309) are among the Windows products available. 

Windows 10 Home is ideal for home and personal usage, with a single PC license. Windows 10 Pro is designed for small companies and individuals who need more capability, while Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is designed for sophisticated users and businesses. 

Any of the aforementioned items will come with a product key, which you may locate in the email (confirmation) you received after buying Windows. You may also look for the product key in the box that your operating system arrived in. 

Product Key (Digital)

Digital Product Key is one of the few reliable sources for product keys. Operating systems, office suites, packs, antivirus and security software, and graphic design tools are among the digital goods and software sold on the website.  

When you purchase from Digital Product Key, you’re also more likely to discover Windows 10 items at a cheaper price. The good news is that Digital Product Key only deals with genuine goods, so you won’t lose money if you buy straight from the website. 

Digital Product Key also offers live customer chat and phone assistance, which are both excellent features. You can monitor your purchase or ask any questions about Windows 10 product key with active support, which means you won’t have to wait for a long time to receive an answer. The site also includes a software blog that may teach customers how to get the most out of their gadgets and software. 


Windows 10 keys may also be purchased on Amazon. All you have to do is go to the website and look for a Windows 10 product key. Several items from the official Windows shop may be found. However, it is important to pay careful attention to the product and its characteristics in order to prevent making a mistake. 

Microsoft Windows 10 Home is available on Amazon as a download from the Windows website, a DVD, or a USB that will be sent to your address. The USB version, according to Amazon reviewers, is much simpler to install than the DVD version.

Because Amazon is a well-known e-commerce website, you should exercise caution when purchasing anything from it. When buying software like Windows 10, pay careful attention to the vendor to verify you’re getting a good deal. 

And, since some software may have similar names and titles, double-check the name to ensure you don’t end up with the incorrect program!


Are you searching for a cheap way to acquire Windows 10 keys? If that’s the case, you should give Kinguin a go. Kinguin is a marketplace where you can get a good deal on software, game keys, time cards, and Windows keys. 

However, it’s worth noting that Kinguin isn’t the most popular. Instead, you’ll be dealing with the owners or individuals willing to sell their keys if you purchase through Kinguin.

Working with individual merchants on a rather shady marketplace may be hazardous, particularly if you’ve never purchased Windows 10 keys online before. 

Choose the highest-rated vendors when purchasing Windows 10 keys from Kinguin. Clients will rank vendors on the platform, which will assist to improve the site’s overall credibility.

Instead of looking for the cheapest goods, look for vendors that have received great feedback from previous customers. 

To reduce the risk of purchasing products and software that don’t work, Kinguin allows its clients to join the Kinguin Buyer Protection program, ensuring you get a refund in the case of shady business. 

The majority of customers seem to be pleased with their purchases of Windows 10 keys from Kinguin. The reviews, on the other hand, should not distract you from the larger picture: purchasing from a reliable supplier.

Please note that Kinguin services are not available in all areas. Before you purchase, make sure you can activate the program or keys in your country!


When it comes to online markets for PC components and software, it’s difficult to avoid mentioning Newegg. Newegg has established itself as one of the top tech-focused e-retailers in North America and across the globe since its founding in 2001.  

Newegg offers Microsoft goods like Windows 10 Home at a cheaper price than you’d find on Microsoft’s own website.

Even better, the site’s prices are updated on a regular basis, enabling consumers to purchase software and computer components at much reduced rates. 

While the discounts and promo codes aren’t as substantial as they are on marketplaces like Kinguin, Newegg enables customers to save money via discounts and promo coupons.

Newegg also provides free delivery to customers in the United States, which may help you save even more money.

When you buy the product, you’ll get the activation key. Most of the time, the code will be very small and cleverly placed underneath the ‘scratch off’ sticker.

Because the product key on your box is easily scratched off, it’s recommended to scratch gently and carefully. 


On the Walmart website, you may purchase Windows 10 Home or Pro. One benefit of purchasing through Walmart is that you will be eligible for free delivery and will be able to get the product at a little cheaper price than if you purchased straight from Microsoft. 

According to customer feedback, the key is included in the Windows 10 retail bundle. To expose the code, remember to scratch lightly.

Walmart also sells a variety of other authentic Windows goods, making it a fantastic place to go if you want to purchase genuine Windows 10 keys without paying full price on Microsoft’s website. 


If you want to purchase Windows 10 keys for the lowest possible price, Keysoff is a good place to start. The website sells PC software as well as games from Steam, Origin, Battle.net, and Epic.

On the site, you may also discover fantastic product key discounts, particularly around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Clients may receive product keys through email within 24 hours, according to Keysoff. The keys work for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, but not for Mac. The key can only be used on one computer.

Make sure you give your proper email address when purchasing from Keysoff. If the keys don’t show in your regular inbox within a day, you may need to check the junk mail or spam folder.

Finding Windows 10 keys on Keysoff may be difficult due to the steep price reduction. 

The site has a high Trustpilot rating, indicating that the odds of getting scammed out of your money are slim. However, some customers have complained that the keys do not function for extended periods of time.

As a result, be aware that the product key may or may not function as anticipated when purchasing from the site. 


Buykeys.com is one of the rare online shops that only sells digital goods. As a result, you may obtain product keys for a range of games and software, such as operating systems, antivirus, and office suites. 

The relatively cheap costs are one benefit of purchasing Windows 10 keys from Buykeys.com. The keys are genuine and reasonably priced, making the internet shop an excellent choice for anyone on a tight budget. 

Buykeys.com also has a high rating on Trustpilot, indicating that it is a secure location to put your money. Another benefit of shopping on the internet is the company’s lightning-fast customer service staff, which is dedicated to assisting customers with any problems they may have. 

Buykeys.com often provides discounts on its goods in order to attract customers, enabling you to buy digital items such as Windows 10 keys at a cheap cost. 


RoyalCDKeys is a software marketplace where customers may get substantially discounted software and game keys. While the costs are incredibly low, the business has built a solid reputation as a reliable supplier. 

When attempting to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, the license keys offered on the site will not function. RoyalCDKeys also has good Trustpilot ratings, indicating that it offers genuine items the majority of the time. 

Microsoft does not recognize RoyalCDKeys as a Windows 10 legitimate merchant, as it does other third-party software suppliers.

That means if the keys stop working or become dysfunctional over time, you’ll be on your own. The nice thing about RoyalCDKeys is that they respond quickly, particularly when customers contact them about problems or broken keys. 


Microcenter is another legitimate online store to purchase legitimate Windows 10 for your PC. The website exclusively deals with tech, computer, and software-related products, making it a great place to hunt for affordable Windows 10 Home or Pro product keys. 

You’ll receive your Windows 10 keys on your package, just like other legitimate Microsoft retailers. Scratch carefully to prevent removing the product’s little essential figures. Microcenter enables customers to buy up to 10 keys per home, which is a fantastic method to restrict resale. 


Another excellent site to buy Windows 10 and obtain a product key for activation is Tigerdirect. While the costs aren’t as low as some other sites, Tigerdirect is still less expensive than Microsoft.

If you find purchasing straight from Windows to be too costly, you may ship via TigerDirect. 

When it comes to shipping, Tigerdirect outperforms the competition. Although the site doesn’t offer huge savings, the fact that you’ll be purchasing genuine Windows 10 keys should give you piece of mind.  

Tigerdirect distinguishes out not just for its quick delivery, but also for its excellent customer service. Clients who have purchased from the site say that the support staff is committed to addressing client problems as quickly as feasible. 

In the Center

Hundreds of institutions, universities, and colleges from across the world have collaborated with On the Hub to make Microsoft products and a variety of other goods accessible to students.

The site’s savings, however, are only available to students with verified school IDs and institution email addresses. 

To take advantage of the site’s offerings, you must first enter your nation, state or province, and school. Based on your school’s agreement with On The Hub, this information will enable the system to identify the discounts and offers you’re qualified for. 

On The Hub is a great website for students seeking to buy or obtain free Windows 10 keys, but it isn’t for everyone. If your school has registered as an academic partner, you may wish to test On The Hub if you’re a student.

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The best places to purchase Windows 10 keys are listed below.

Buying genuine Windows 10 keys may be difficult with so many internet sellers. There’s a chance you’ll end up with keys that have already been used or that have been obtained via deception.

As a consequence, doing your homework before committing to a specific seller is critical. 

The official Microsoft website is the finest (and safest) location to purchase Windows 10 keys. When you buy from the official site, you’ll get real, brand-new Windows 10 keys.

Furthermore, you may simply contact Microsoft support if you run into any problems down the road. 

The Microsoft website also has a wealth of information that may be useful when purchasing Windows 10 and other applications. 

Buying through the official Microsoft shop, on the other hand, may not be the best option for those seeking to activate Windows on a tight budget. Third-party vendors like as Amazon, Newegg, and Microcenter come into play here.

These websites typically offer Windows 10 for a little less than Microsoft does. The greatest thing about working with reputable vendors is that they offer genuine Windows and are approved by Microsoft. 

If you want to save as much money as possible, third-party merchants on markets like Kinguin, Keysoff, and RoyalCdkeys may be a good option.

Please keep in mind that although Windows 10 may be offered at ridiculously cheap rates, the possibilities of purchasing used or illegally obtained keys are considerable. To decide whether to purchase the inexpensive keys, you’ll need to look at the seller’s profile and read user reviews. 

Keys in Windows 10: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for me to activate Windows 10?

Using a free Windows 10 comes with its limitations. Users can’t access features like Windows Hello, Focus Assist, and dark mode with the free version. Additionally, freemium versions have limited customization options. While it’s unnecessary to activate Windows 10, doing so will give you access to advanced features, making a considerable difference for professionals. 

Is it legal to buy cheap Windows 10 product keys?

Cheap Windows 10 product keys aren’t always unlawful. The majority of low-cost Windows 10 keys are sold at a discount to businesses, which lowers their total cost when sold to third parties. Some cheaply marketed keys, on the other hand, are acquired illegally, such as via credit card fraud. As a consequence, always purchase low-cost Windows 10 keys from reputable resellers. If Microsoft identifies your activation key as unlawful, you’ll lose money later if you bought an unauthorized product key. 

What Happens if I Purchase Unauthorized Windows 10 Keys?

Although illegally obtained Windows 10 keys may function for a short time, if Microsoft catches up, they are likely to cease working. If you want to activate Windows 10, you’ll have to buy the keys again, which may be aggravating, particularly if you paid top money for them. Some low-cost keys are infected with malware, highlighting the need of doing due diligence before purchasing from an internet seller. 

Final Thoughts

You may simply purchase Windows 10 keys from different sources, as we’ve demonstrated throughout this post. Purchasing from the official Microsoft website ensures that you will get a genuine, never-used product.

You may also purchase Windows 10 keys from third-party vendors, who are typically a few of dollars less than Microsoft.

When purchasing from merchants selling at low prices, keep in mind that the items are likely to have been used or acquired illegally. Verifying a seller’s authenticity by looking at their profile and customer reviews is a certain method to do so.

If you want to get your friends or family members a Windows 10 (or any other OS) license, you have a couple of options: 1. Use a Microsoft-run website – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 – but, for the life of me, I find myself wondering why they don’t just do a direct download from Microsoft instead. 2. Use a third-party website – I don’t want to suggest that the Microsoft Store is a bad place to buy Windows licenses, but the options seem limited compared to the many other options. 3. Use a black market website – There are many websites out there that offer Windows 10 key for sale, but there are a. Read more about kinguin windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legit to buy Windows 10 key?


Where can I get Windows 10 product key?

You can find your Windows 10 product key on the sticker that was placed on your computer when you first bought it.

How can I get a free Windows 10 product key?

You cant.

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